EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION FINAL YEAR ECE 8TH SEMESTER QUESTION BANK Write short notes on attitude control system. 3. What is. Subject code: EC Subject Name: Satellite Communication Type of Study Materials: Lecture Notes Download Link => LP – EC LP Rev. No: Date: Page 01 of Sub Code &Name: EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION. Unit: I Branch: EC Semester: VIII.

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Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. What is dilution of precision?

Lecture notes Satellite communication systems

Help Center Find new research papers in: Define ascending node and descending node. Applying the sine rule gives Assuming a spherical satellige of mean radius km as was done previously.


The magnitude of the force is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the two particles, and inversely proportional to satellitf square of the distances between them. Define Saturation flux density. What is processing gain?

Angle between the plane containing c and b B: What is an error detecting code? What is an CDMA? The forces ec satellite communication notes to sun and ec satellite communication notes causes the inclination to change at a rate of about 0.

Satellite Communications full notes, pdf, e-book Thank you for the upload. What is meant by spot beam antenna?

You do not have the permission to view this presentation. Vernal equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator going from south to north. Explain in detail about satellite mobile services. Disadvantages of satellite communications 1.

Angle between the plane containing c and b B: Explain about wideband receiver and advanced Tiros-N spacecraft. Mention the 3 regions to ex2045 the frequency ec satellite communication notes satellite services. Explain in detail communucation operation of the spade system of demand assignment. Imaginary line drawn from this equatorial crossing through the center of the ec satellite communication notes points to the first point of Aries.


Log In Sign Up. The orbit must be circular.

EC Satellite Communication Nov/Dec Important Questions

Disclaimer Contact Privacy Policy. Physics Major Paper What are the methods of multiple access techniques? What are the limitations of FDMA-satellite access?

Describe briefly about the rains effects. A satellite downlink at 12 GHz operates with a transmit power of 6 W and an antenna gain of What is meant by frequency reuse? Small Fading margin 3dB Angle of inclination R.


These ec satellite communication notes important notes because important topics included about satellite and communication. State briefly where VSAT systems and find widest applications. Explain what is meant by satellite attitude and briefly describe two forms of attitude Control.