These are the statistics compiled by STOCK PERFORMANCE GUIDE (SPG) By Dynaquest of Dr Neah Soon Kean. MULPHA INTERNATIONAL. I know Dynaquest will release the new version of stock performance guide for Sept and hits mph by Nov , also can order online first. There are over 1, of Public Listed Companies(PLC) in the Bursa Malaysia. How do you select a stock to invest in? Do you use Technical.

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They work from one of the largest collections of company reports, economic and industrial statistics of the country. I want to share in this post about a tool, a reference book, for stock analysis that I find very helpful and useful for analyzing companies listed in KLSE. Dynaquest provides boutique investment advisory services to a number of large to very large investment institutions including insurance companies, mutual funds and investment companies as well as individuals.

Oct 4 Due to the complexity of our platform and the fact that we do not offer refunds, we strongly encourage that all customers experience our products first hand before committing to a subscription.

Tool for Stock Analysis

All the data for a company is fit nicely in a single page. View Trading Signals stofk run Live Backtest. Unfortunately, after 23 years of publication, we regrettably have to admit defeat in the battle to try to make our product relevant to the needs of Malaysian investors and at the same time keep the cost of production within control.

Another valued copy was that of the 2nd board counters, also not in print. To buy out of favour shares when very few people understand you is a very lonely journey. I also would like to suggest fellow investors to get a copy of this book as well, so that we can know what we are investing in.


Unless an investor is among gude very first to notice a particular recommendation, the stock price would have shot upward, negating the usefulness of the recommendation. Thanks a million, Calvin for the info. Can I access the platform using my mobile phone or tablet? It includes most of the listed companies of them gudie KLSE. I managed to photocopy giide a friend, and it was a great book offering great insight into the Malaysian stock market.

Do you know some good companies i. Please try dnaquest later. After selecting my package and pressing ‘Confirm’, it keeps loading and nothing happens. One of the good filter is to buy a good fundamental company. Even if it costs me Rm1, a copy I will still buy it”.

For example, if you are accessing the platform with your phone and you then log in with your desktop, you will be logged out from your phone. Kcchongnz kcchongnz blog 4. No, you may access the platform directly stofk dqinfo. However, kindly note that sections written by analysts, including the write-ups in Outlook pwrformance, Background in Info tab and any Latest Developments would remain in English.

So I turned lemon into lemonade. Excellent fundamental analysis and stock selection, but the book does not tell you the entry and exit level. A must have for all old and new investors.

Evergreen was one of last year’s Top Performer rising from 50 cents to Rm2. Adrian Tan May i knw how can we subscribe the online version?

Kindly check back shortly. Some just takes the easy way by listening to rumour or tips. Bought the March edition and its not too bad. Show posts by this member only Post 6. If you still have not received the verification email, please contact us and we will manually unlock your account for you.


I thought Dr Neoh was going to retire but no, he wants to continue helping us, hence his digital undertaking. We are always happy to receive your feedback. Is Dynaquest stock performance guide reliable? I remember reading my dad’s copy when I was PlsGiveBonus It is partly true But most of the hardcore follower will still buy the book Reading ebook isn’t very comfortable compare to reading a paper book Only some of the very cheap stake will read on their phone Still it is human nature to get it as cheap as possible.

That you have to do your own research. Nowadays people immediately scan your book and circulate in Internet ha ha.

Stock Performance Guide Malaysia | Dynaquest

Never selfish in sharing the good things with us. The cloud based version STOCKBASE will be easily accessible through Internet Browser and we are hopeful we shall be sock to bring its cost down to a much lower level given the wide market available for a cloud-based product. The Glossary was personally written by Dr.

Our corps of highly qualified and experienced analysts stoco developed an unique collective knowledge of the stock market, events, personalities and corporate history. PlsGiveBonus If the book is limited edition it also come with collector value and jack up the price for resale purpose.

Stocl need to know the status now in the present moment. Only got high NTA and deep undervaluation. The book is published twice per year March and September editions.

Icon People pdf nowadays and read with iPad. Icon Ok very true Thumb up.