Many many thanks to Guru Pita Avadhoot Baba Shivanand Ji for showing us True path of life. BABAJI APKI BLESSINGS HAMESHA HUM SAB PER BANI. DURGA SAPTASHATI BEEJ MANTRA PDF – Baba ji me uttrakhand se hu babaji aapki kirpa asim h baba ji ye manusy yuni sayd pichle janmo. of the Durga Saptashati book had a secret seed sound (mantra) hidden in it. that means for shloks there is beej mantra(one charecter mamtra).

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Lots of love n thanks to babaji Full Review.

Chants of Shiva Saptasuati Baba Shivanand 1. It’s my divine Sadguru grace to bless all of us with this great valuable miraculous divine been mantras of maa bhagwati.

Durga Saptashati – Beej Mantra (108 Times) by Anuradha Paudwal

Thnk u babaji Full Review. I like this Full Review. Thank you Full Review.

Randhir Singh June 19, May Ur blessings always fall on us. The sacred sadhnas are also done in Babajis saptashatl presence thus raising the vibrations to higher dimensions of life.


Monika kataria dhawan June 17, Om namah shivah Full Review.

‎ShivYog Chants Durga Saptashati Beej Mantra Sadhana (DSS) by Avdhoot Baba Shivanand on Apple Music

Its really touch the bottom of my heart. Very usfull Full Review. Thanks a million from the core of my heart. Regular practice of this Shakti sadhna with pure intention and utmost devotion, empowers the seeker to create a healthy body, a peaceful mind, loving relations, prosperous life and a rapid spiritual growth.

Thanks babaji,for Ur divine words. Namah Shivay Full Review. Required for streaming and downloading.

Thank you Babaji for this awesome gift to all. Chants of Shiva Avdhoot Baba Shivanand 1. Thank you Full Review. Priyanka Pujara June 28, More Albums See more.


I simply loved it. Babaji is a master of the ultimate sadhna of self-realization — the Advait Shree Vidhya sadhna, that is the bestower of both materialization saptasahti liberation, and lakhs of seekers have manyra the practioners of this sacred sadhna, enriching their lives both materialistically and spiritually.


How do I organize a DSS event?

Thank you Baba Ji Full Review. Sonu Sharma September 6, The Beem Saptshati is the powerful scripture on the Shakti sadhna comprising of shlokas organized into thirteen chapters, which is narrated and widely read in the mythological story form but in majtra contains the mystical powers of a human.

Argha Banerjee March 18, Its really touch the bottom of my heart.

It’s my divine Sadguru grace to bless all of us with this great valuable miraculous divine been mantras of maa bhagwati Full Review. Deep immerging infinite Khuman December 25, Namah shivay Full Review. How the DSS is Powerful.

Argha Banerjee July 25, I wants this one Full Review. Where can I get it? Namaha Shivay Full Review. Gaurang G Malviya October 24, Swarupa Senapati October 8,