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This document does not replace the recommendations in the French code of practice DTU 8 Limit the penetration of the screw or nail head into the board to. NF DTU August P Building works – External wood coverings – Part Contract bill of technical model clauses – Part General criteria for. DTU Building work. External wood coverings. Part 2: special requirements. – DTU Travaux de bâtiment – Revêtement extérieurs en bois – Partie 2.

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Casings also available in aluminium. Cahier des clauses techniques types CCT – Partie This method applies 3 — 4 times more paint than a manual application and gives the product a much higher resistance. Solid wood cladding Funlam. We choose naturally resistant softwood, Spruce. Our wooden cladding will perfectly match your timber construction, whether timber framed house or wooden extension.

Test methods and dty. The woodstain is a non film-forming product, this prevents the peeling of the protective layer. Using the same manufacturing process as the spruce sidingthe larch is purged of all defects and sapwood.

They are made of strips of timber on appropriate supports cleats, battens or a frame. In order to ensure better sustainability of the outer shell, we have designed and developed an exclusive line of window and door casings for your home.


Wood treatment class 3 to 4 for exterior wooden cladding

Durability of wood and wood-based products. Building works – Thin, semi-thick, thick paint coatings – Part The back receives a waterproof layer to ensure against-swing. Caution the offer 1 user is reserved for a single user, any broadcast even within 4.12 company is prohibited. List of holders Useful links Legal information.

Construction cladding used outdoors and simple to install. For the same use class, the treatment requirements may vary from country to country. Places of worship and schools. According to treatment procedures and type of product used, an additional finish may be required.

Build a watch list Add to the watch list. You are searching for: The Spruce is brushed du emphasise the grain and then three layers of acrylic paint is applied to increase the longevity of the cladding.

The fire regulations provide obligations in terms of spread of flame for exterior cladding in certain cases. Our range of Woodstains The water-based Woodstain we use is a product dut designed for the protection of exterior woods commonly used in joinery and cladding.


Building works – External wood coverings – Part Terms and conditions for Customized compilation of standards Contact us Accessibility.

The dgu of a species to a use class determines how the timber should be treated. Building works – Small mansonry unit walls – Partitions and walls – Part Horizontal leveling Tracing on the supports every or mm keeps the entire periphery of the building aligned, each level of cladding board avoiding the dispersion of dimensions.

Treated timber for claddings

Our woods are selected from colder regions, where they are slower grown and have a fine grain. The thickness of dti battens should be adapted to the length of the nails and the penetration comply with regulations. Terms and Conditions Terms of subscription Online watch.

The bottom and top ftu the walls must not be obstructed and must have an insect grid. Works operation nearby engineering networks – Part 2: Adaptable to all our sidings, they guarantee water-and air-tightness.