DREAMFIRE by Kit Alloway. DREAMFIRE. From the Alloway explores the complexities of dream-walking politics in detail, with the result that. : Dreamfire: A novel (The Dream Walker Trilogy) (): Kit Alloway: Books. Unlike most year-olds, Joshlyn Weaver has a sacred duty. She’s the celebrated daughter of the dream walkers, a secret society whose members enter the.

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It could have been less painful, but necessary. It was an admirable quality and it made it easier to like her even though she could be a little shit at times. I don’t want to leave the Dream. I loved the cover and the concepts of dream walking was so intriguing to me.


Our main character, Josh, is a seventeen year old dream walker — she and her family and a small community of other dream walkers help to solve nightmares of people around the world. Hardcoverpages. Josh and Will are very simple and average teens, but has a lot of determination and strength and will power to achieve extraordinary goals, even if they have to fight for it, they would rather do it.

Apr 17, Eme Abarracoso rated it liked it. I know the author and I am so proud of her work!

It was worth it though: A society wherein the people dreamwalk on a person’s dream–mostly on nightmares to resolve the dreamer’s fears or end the nightmare. I got a satisfying resolution and ended up appreciating the characters and the plot once I reached the final page.


Also the absolute ending has me wanting to read a sequel. It was imaginative, unpredictable, bitter, and sweet. Jan 31, Slloway rated it liked it.

However I have a sneaky suspicion – and desperate hope – that there will be a sequel and these issues will be dealt with. My other favorite aspect of this book was the world the author had built.

I don’t understand his motives or really what he wants.

Dream Walker Series

A YA series that you definitely need to shelve as well as read! It just took me a shit ton of time to finish it. Please provide an email address.

The romantic angle between Josh and Will is featured with lots of emotions and the readers can easily comprehend dreakfire this young teenage love. Click on the magazine’s cover to check them out!

Dreamfire (Dream Walker, #1) by Kit Alloway

Most of the first half of the novel is introducing you to the hundreds of characters there are so many and they all have strange namesthe dreamwalker society, and the dream lore itself. As for the smaller things that caused me to give this book a 4.

The male for a female names and vice versa threw me kot first, too You can probably guess what happens. Okay so the first time I read this book it was really good but I had a hard time getting into it in the beginning because I hardly understood any of the technical dream walker like concepts. View all 6 comments. The concept of this book is really interesting, and the themes fit perfectly.


DREAMFIRE by Kit Alloway | Kirkus Reviews

I mean I did stay up until 4: Jan 20, Allowxy added it Shelves: I’m bored of this story. I really hope there is a second book because this book left a lot of holes in Feodor and Peregrine’s relationship, and how he is connected to Josh. Even though he’s wlloway, Josh knows her grandfather is still out there, and when corpses begin appearing in the Dream, she has a pretty good idea who’s responsible.

Be patient with this book, and you’ll learn that it’s a fun few hours of your time. What I mean by that is the story itself and its characters.

Not to worry though Where Josh contributed with her strength, training and ability, Will also had something to offer with his emotional awareness and ability to calm others. Also, she had a good foundation with her friends and family.