DODD 2010.9 PDF

Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements. Originator: USD(AT&L). CFR: Date: Changes: This document has not yet been added to FISMApedia. Reissues DoD Directive (DoDD) (Reference (a)). allied nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization pursuant to DoDD DODD Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (Cited DODD Recoupment of Nonrecurring Costs (NCs) on Sales of U.S. Items (Cited in .

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In addition, coordination among the responsible military authorities and the use of the DoS 201.9 i. To support this requirement, the Services will institute awareness training into service schools to increase awareness amongst personnel and commanders alike.

Under this authority, Department of Defense DoD components and subunified commands may exercise a statutory waiver of certain provisions of U.

LSSS provided by DoD components or subunified commands under a ACSA may not be retransferred to another country, international organization or entity other than to officers, employees, or agents of the foreign country or international organization whose military originally receive the Doxd without the prior written consent of the U.

LSSS valued in excess of that amount may not be transferred under that order. This authority has been re-delegated to ddodd CCMDs. Armed Forces, the responsible ordering authority or contracting officer or designee verifies partial or complete delivery of the LSSS in accordance with the provisions doddd the contract or AOA agreement.

This request will include the following documents: The ACSA order form or other agreement will specify the form of reimbursement. Local CCMD regulations may require additional copies be provided to others, such as the designated CCMD international agreements repository usually the staff judge advocate. Detailed procedures for requesting approval for retransfers are contained in paragraph 6 of Enclosure D. ACSA POC should consult the staff judge advocate if there is any question regarding the ability to collect for possible damages to dodx equipment.


DoDD – FISMApedia

DFAS, in coordination with the Service component or subunified command resource management element, is usually responsible for the receipt, validation, and payment of foreign invoices for LSSS acquired. Does not include provision of distinctive items of military uniform and insignia or clothing identified as significant military equipment in reference h.

The process of amending an existing IA is the same as for a new arrangement. This authority is re-delegated to the CCMDs. AOA may be implemented either through contracts using the authority of title 10, U.

DoDD 2010.9

Specific DoD guidance on pricing loans or leases of U. Also enter all IAs into the database after they are signed.

Clothing Cold weather items gloves, thermal underwear, socks and protective clothing provided in an emergency during exercises or operations. Commanders of subordinate unified commands have functions and responsibilities similar to those of the commanders of unified commands and 2100.9 operational control of assigned commands and forces within the assigned operational area.

An implementing arrangement is an international agreement under reference c.

They will also utilize training tools offered through Joint Knowledge Online. Joint Pub subordinate unified or subunified command. Selling whether for payment in currency, replacement-in-kind, or exchange of supplies or doddd of equal valueleasing, loaning, or otherwise temporarily providing logistic support, supplies, and services pursuant to an acquisition and cross-servicing agreement, acquisition only authority agreement, or implementing arrangement.

See definition for cross-servicing agreement. Agencies or organizations of a government providing armed forces that operate according to the methods, laws, and customs of war, established by an act of the government, in which persons are appointed, enlisted, or inducted for military service and that operate and are administered within a military or executive department.

At the same time, the responsible component resource ddod element will enter the ACSA order as a commitment and obligation into the relevant financial management system. A command consisting of the Service component commander and all those Service forces, such as individuals, units, detachments, organizations, and installations under that command, including GL-4 Glossary CJCSI DoD eligibility approval does not expire. Identify Logistics Requirement and Appropriate Procurement Mechanism 1 The first step in the acquisition process is to identify the type, quantity, and timing of U.


Authority to conclude will not exceed one year. A list of such assets and services is contained in reference d. The certifying official must be designated as qualified, consistent with local practice, as specified in paragraph 8. Depending on the extent of the desired changes, it may be possible to agree on amendments through e-mail or by telephone, in lieu of direct face-to-face negotiations.

If the warranty is violated, the U. There is no required U. Development of multiple agreements with individual foreign countries or international organizations is discouraged. They may be developed for a particular type of logistic support that requires lengthy ddod or statements of work e. This step may involve coordination with one or more logistics or contracting officials of the responsible Service component or subunified command.

Full text of “Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements, 21 May “

Policy 1 Reference b requires prior written approval from the U. OSD approval to conclude is valid for 1 year, without further coordination. The designated ACSA official will verify that the returned items are serviceable as defined in the original order. IAs may also be used to support a particular operation or location e.

The Director, J-5, shall: Reimbursement in cash must be with the proper purpose funds i.

Communication Services Field radio operator support; use of base installation communications facilities and equipment; access to communications satellites; translation and interpretation services; computer hardware and software to include secure encryption when approved by OSD. Consult your legal advisor before placing any order that may continue across fiscal years.