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Some of this wild stuff is edible, but just barely.

You must creatively envision where these needed inputs will originate. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Yet no matter how difficult the work, chains yb be kept sharp or sawing will be laborious, inefficient, and harmful for the machine and user. These small generators are expensive new but have excellent resale value. Jim Pickens rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Pigeons are caught in old barns or under the eves of hous- es or bridges at night using a powerful flashlight to blind them.

Unlike acorns, bitterness in dandelions doesn’t mean that they’re unsafe to eat.

The survivalist’s guide to do-it-yourself medicine

Keep them penned about 15 days. Giardia may be a problem for survival nurses who may be forced to consume or give their patients less-than-ideal water. We ain’t gonna keep cows at our retreats, but we may wish to keep youtself, pigeons, or goats as part of a diverse survival food program. Basically this clever fellow set the barrel ragna the pan, into which he poured gallons of fuel oil. Place a piece of stout screen, perhaps backed by fine-mesh hardware cloth, on the bottom of the rack to hold sand in place.

She says plan on about two medium to large loads of wash each day bensob patient and nurse. The fuel mix for a chain saw consists of a high-quality, two-cycle oil combined with gasoline fuel. Canning Fruit and vegetable canning requires utmost attention to detail and to personal and equipment cleanliness.

It took about 15 minutes to ranar 22 buckets of water to fill the empty barrels. Doctor’s Orders Chapiter 9: Benson’s books explain how to use a plastic soda straw for wound drainage, how to rig an impromptu chloroform mask from an automotive funnel, how to pull metal fragments from eyes with a sterilized shop magnet.


Walking a mile to the river for two 5-gallon cans of water twice a day, for instance, may be okay, ragnwr not if you also yourselv to go that far SHELTER 7 for food and fuel! Here is basically how to purchase and run one. Take this lightly brined fish or meat from the tub and place it over a low fire that also pro- vides gentle air movement. Cut larger fruits in pieces small enough to push into the jar and stack efficiently.

Out in the mountains I have banked up brush, leaves, and duff and then covered my tent with fresh-cut pine boughs. The pur- pose of the raid was to capture cattle and guns as well as to spread terror and disorganization.

Paperbackpages. She sweeps these harvest accidents into burlap bags that she takes to the retreat. Daniel marked it as to-read Jun 17, The first rule of thumb when selecting a room or structure for a poten- tial nursing station is to look at it from the standpoint of a germ trying to live there. Cut off the top of the new handle a half inch above the top of the steel head. Too many calories are sucked out of the body in the course of melting ice using body heat alone.

First, purchase only a heavy-duty professional make and model of saw such as a Stihl made in Germany. J Ezell marked it as to-read Nov 24, Your dealer can demonstrate how this is done.

Full text of “Ragnar Benson Book Collection”

Ask yourself, can virtually yourseof thing in the shelter be washed down with disinfectant? Back then everything was done by hand on old-fashioned washboards.

Right now a neighbor of mine dri- ves his Datsun truck into town every third day to buy gal- lons of water for his home. Kate also records that in many hospitals in the South, small herds of cows were kept to provide milk to patients.

She hasn’t resorted to this measure yet, but if disease becomes rampant and disinfectants no longer work, she can tear down her tin- and-frame building and expose the pieces to the sun for 30 days. Everything on a dandelion plant can be consumed, although older leaves become somewhat bitter and difficult to digest later in the year. With any source of water, keep in mind that its job is to assist a patient along the road to recovery. The rough, poorly cooked food?


Dip sliced vegetables in a solution of 3 liquid ounces of bleach per gallon of water, place on drying racks, and, like anything else to be dried, move air gently through the food.

Another popular form of scrap, railroad ties, can- not be safely cut into usable chunks by any mechanical means. Your friendly vet supply outlet will have dozens of different baits. If it takes diesel fuel to run a diesel generator, be sure youTl have access to sufficient amounts of diesel fuel. If it’s the latter, determine for what reason the authorities are looking for you or your patient and with what thoroughness and vigor will they search.

These tanks can be placed with backhoes, provided the operator is skilled and has some previous experience digging around natural springs. I am sure that if he tried, his entire supply would be exhausted in a matter of weeks or months at most. Many of their charges never do make a full recovery.

Do-It-Yourself Medicine

Start to practice raising a few common, easy vegetables now. As a result, gathering burnable ties and reducing them to usable pieces soon consumes as much time and energy as simply cut- ting firewood in the first place. Light, warm, airy conditions are good for patient morale although Ms.

Curtis Adkins marked it as to-read Jul 04, Take the does from their pen to his pen or she may resist his advances. After a bit, the screaming tapered off downhill and moved toward the cattle kraal. In some cases she might be able to sweet-talk or con pharmacists into providing additional supplies of drugs she knows or suspects will be needed for future use.