“It is good to have this fascinating little chronicle, which gives a lively firsthand account of Florentine history in the lifetime of Dante and Giotto, in a readable and . Dino Campagni’s classic chronicle gives a detailed account of a crucial period in the history of Florence, beginning about and ending in the first decade of. 2. CHRONICLE OF DINO COMPAGNI from God, who rules and governs throughout all ages. i. I.e. the division of the Guelf party in Florence into the Whites and.

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The “Counts” are the Counts Guidi as in Par. John’s Day they caused a race to be run there ; and they attacked the town, and burned what they found in the outlying territory. In until his death in he wrote a very complete history of the city.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Documentary evidence has recently been discovered of the appointment of Bolognese ambassadors to Boniface at the request of the Florentines in October ; but there is no such evidence as to the Florentine embassy, the mem- bers of which were according to Dino Maso di Ruggerino Minerbetti, Corazza of Signa see below, II.

For after the Florentines had got possession of the city, its beautiful walls were demolished. The allusion is to the appointment of a committee as we should say of fourteen members chosen by the Signory and approved by the Council of the Hundred Men see Appendix II. Florence was divided into six districts called Sesti or Sestieri, viz.

Dino Compagni

The “untrust- worthy” members were, among the Florentines, probably Minerbetti see below, II. Dino here cimpagni the last of the ” cavils” by saying, ” It may be true, as you say, that the Magnates tried to hide their crimes, but the crimes were, in fact, almost always brought to light. After this the Florentines returned home, having gained little advantage, for the ex- pedition had involved heavy expenditure, together with personal hardships Sbandeggiare, which strictly means to condemn, in a general sense, to any kind of penalty.

And the tumult increased so greatly that the mob ran with faggots to the palace of the Podesta to burn the door. Refresh and try again. The affray is believed by Del Lungo to have occurred on December 20, The era was marked as well by political turmoil and factional strife. The said city of Florencs is very well populated, and the good air promotes generation. Gherardo Ventraia 6 ; M. One of them, whose name was Piero Manzuolo, caused him to be drawn up once more 3.


And I, Dino Compagni, being myself Gonfalonier of Justice inwent to their houses and to those of their kinsmen, and caused the former to be pulled down according to the law.

Dino Compagni’s chronicle of Florence | Sharon Strocchia –

In the year of the Incarnation of Christthe Guelf party bearing rule in Florence, and the Ghibellines having been driven out, there issued from a small source a great stream, namely, from a small discord amongst the Guelf party a great concord with the Ghibelline party 1. You really get a sense of just how many people were involved in Medieval politics due to the structure of government that purposefully changed power every few months to avoid any one family taking over.

The Cardinal remained in Florence till the end of September. And in order that strangers may be the better able to understand the things that happened, I will de- scribe the fashion of the noble city which is in the province of Tuscany and under the protection of the sign of Mars i. The soldiers were not paid ; [the Whites] had no money, nor had they the boldness to raise any ; the Captain did not secure any of the strongholds 5and he placed no one under bounds.

We are the Guelfs of Florence, yassals of the House of France ; for God’s sake have a care for thyself and thy followers, for our city is ruled by Ghibeliines.

Geri Spini and his kinsmen, on account of the wrong done [to the Cerchi]] ; M.

Dino Compagni – Wikipedia

Though there was an end of the horror and cruelty of cutting off the noses of the women and the hands of the men who left the city on account of hunger, [yet]] the enemy did not spare the beauty of the city, which was left like a ruined village 4. Many who hitherto had been esteemed for their prowess proved cowards that day, and many distinguished themselves of whom formerly no mention had been made.


The Donati were afraid of them, and said that the Cerchi had made a league with the Ghibellines of Tuscany ; and to such an extent did they defame them that it came to the ears of the Pope But the guileful words had more weight with him than the true ; for the saying, ” Have a care how thou goest,” seemed to him a greater sign of friendship than the offers of service. Those who did not know him deemed the Whites rich, powerful, and prudent, and for this reason were hopeful 6.

Trinita which is attended by the majority of the Guelf party for the ostensible purpose of restoring peace to the city. The name of the fortress was Poggio S. It was those who wanted to secure the fortresses who disapproved of the war, against the danger of which they conceived that the possession of the fortresses would be a protection.

Niccola Acciaioli, with other documents, was cut out of the book containing them. Certain therefore vhronicle heard them reported it to the popolani who began to be exasperated, and in dread and indigna- tion increased the severity of the laws 7so that every one lived in fear.

And this aim, which was understood by many, caused great dis- pleasure, and accordingly a man of not much sense came forward and with a cross-bow shot a dart at the window of the Episcopal Palace where the Cardinal was which stuck in the woodwork ; lforence the Cardinal in fear departed thence, and went to dwell for greater safety at the house of M.

But the glorious God took thought for them, so that without the knowledge of their adversaries they swore to surrender 3 [to the Florentines]] on terms providing for their safety ; which terms were not kept. He was born into a popolano or prosperous family of Florencesupporters of the white party of the Guelphs.

The Mozzi, the Cavalcanti the elder branchand many other noble families chronocle popolani held with them.

Guilds see Appendix II. At the head of every chapter is given a Summary of its contents.