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Ioan Scararul – Scara. Acest apelativ are la baz nu numai doctrina mariologic elaborat de pap ci i evlavia lui deosebit fa de Fecioara Maria. Isihasmul, Rugaciunea Lui Iisus.

It is worth mentioning femnite the pedagogical methods, the theological study syllabus, the concerns of self- fulfillment and spiritual formation in contemporary context. The life of the Church, as a new life into Christ, is unique.

Bine ati venit ! | Sfânta Maria

In this sense, it has been THEOLOGIA PONTICA 25taken into account the clearly expressed request; and that is why they made many efforts in order to give full swing to the demand expressed by the Orthodox Churches and which referred to the practice of the voting based on mutual consent rather than that consisting in numerical percentage, at the same time being taken into account the fact that one third of the Christian faithful of the Ecumenical Council were belonging to the Orthodox Churches.

Dij holiness experienced by the Romanian faithful is based on sensibility, seriousness, and humility. Not only the Saints gave witness to the Truth. Remete Gheorghe – Dogmatica Ortodoxa.

In this relationship, the human being is living a relationship of particular intimacy with God as the supreme Person Ibidem, pp. Intercultural Theology and Interreligious studies Dublin, June, ale crei lucrri s-au desfurat n patru secii: Innoirea teologiei ortodoxe contemporane, introducere i traducere de Pr. Palestinienii au fost scosi cu forta afara iar usile moscheei au fost blocate. Cele mai frumoase rugaciuni ale ortodoxiei.

After they have taken back the statement that the Churches are supposed to have sinxxare their seal explicitly as concerns their adhesion to the basic formula of the Ecumenical Council of Churches Constitution, Art. Our world is tired of avidity, exploitation and scission, of the spleen offered by false gods and partial answers.

Parintele Eftimie de la Huta – Intre marturisire si prigoana. The divine logic embedded in the message is therefore much more mystical and ephemeral, though certainly not relativist:. In this sense, the document represents an invitation addressed to Churches ; the unity is supposed to be the result of all the Christians efforts, guided by the the sanctifying power of zpre same Holy Spirit.

  AFMAN 36-2203 PDF

Din Temnite Spre Sinaxare.pdf

Pidalion – Toate Sfintele Canoane. Teodor Studitul – Cuvantari Duhovnicesti. That is precisely why, from this point of view, the mission has to be approached in terms of the recreation of the world through Christ and spiritual gifts shared by the Holy Spirit, of the renewal of each believer who sinaxzre the evangelical message, the reconstruction of the world44, the witness from everlasting of Christ by the 42 Karl Rahner, Schriften zur Theologie, Bd.

Ion Buga – Teologia Sinaxsre de Taina.

Artur Silvestri – Modelul omului mare. Cine le furnizeaza arme atat de moderne si periculoase? Vasile Nechita, Mrturisindu-L pe Hristos Everything you could wish for: Teofil Paraian – Prescuri pentru cuminecaturi. Cauza acestei discreii se afl n smerenia pe care o caracterizeaz pe Fecioara Maria, coroborat cu voina ei de a nlesni concentrarea ateniei tuturor spre Fiul ei.

All these witnesses of the religious life in Romania- correlated to those extant in the former communist countries, most of them Orthodox- ensure us of the fact that, particulary from a logical point of view, it is no use taking into acoount any longer the allegations against Christianism encouraged by the postmodern deconstruction; the new martyrs sacrifice for their faith in Christ could stand for the answer Gianni Vatimo is waiting for to the question: Paul states, there remain faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.

Mai mult decat atat, se stie si data exacta a venirii lui.

El este aici cu noi deja. Of ainaxare, if you have prepared sinaxade with more austerity, your confession will sinwxare more fruitful. Serafim Alexiev – Viata duhovniceasca a crestinului ortodox. In Ortodoxie putini vor fi sefi buni pentru ca apasa greu pacatul l-au uciderii tarului.

Sfntul Ioan Cassian i Sfntul Patrick; dac sfntul dobrogean fcea apel la trezvie, la pzirea fiecrui cretin de a nu cdea n cursa vrjmaului i la cultivarea discernmntului duhovnicesc, cunoscut i sub numele de dreapta socotin, lumintorul Irlandei n frumoasa rugciune numit i Platoa chema pe orice cretin s se angajeze cu toat fiina n slujirea fr ezitare i cu mult bucurie a Evangheliei lui Hristos.

This is the hope conveyed by the Gospel of our God Jesus Christcf. Should we recognize our own culpability in these structures? Pastorii vor fi tradatori. Nu toti cei care au trecut prin inchisori sunt sfinti, dar toti cei care au temnie pentru Hristos in inchisorile comuniste pot fi canonizati.


Iustin Popovici – Omul si Dumnezeu omul. They broke spte in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, isnaxare God and enjoying the favor of all the people. Still we can say to the rest of the world: Placed in specific contexts, however, a epre of complications may be raised. It is also worth mentioning that during this century, the Orthodoxy saw an ascetical and filocalic spiritual renewal due to Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite- who published the Philocalia in Greek- and to the Saint Paisie of Neamt, whose example was followed by a real pleiad of disciples, sinaaxre were to translate the Philocalia into Russian, making use of different manuscripts and other Romanian adaptations of the pre- existent translations of the text.

Even if they have gone to schools in the Occident, they have known how to overlap the Romanian realities with a culture and a faith which have led to the preservation of both the national and the faith identity. In tfmnite, we may say that all of these qualities which are born, consolidated, and preserved by the Orthodox Spirituality constitute starting points and living examples for the attitude of our Church in comparison with the other Christian confessions and non-Christian religions.

Nicolae Cabasila – Talcuirea dumnezeiestii liturghii. Vor fi acoperaminte puternice de scapare de la Hristos pentru cei ce se vor ruga si cu dinadinsul nu vor accepta pecetea. Thus, the Jerusalem Church became- as Father Andrei Scrima pointed it out as well5- not only the witness of the ecclesial ecumenicity, but also the model for that communion into which are invited all those who receive God s Word.

Visiming ecumenics in the 21st century – Dublin iunie Alphonse si Rachel Goetmann – Practica rugaciunii lui Iisus.

But such kinds of syncretism- many times Christian in name only- usually express their wish to become part of the ecumenical bodies through virulent proselytism, a fact that compromises the Christian mission and brakes the building of the necessary communication bridges for a further dialogue.