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DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering Standards. DIN Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. Title (German). Rührer und Stromstörer für Rührbehälter;.

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The media osmolality 0. To form the supply unit, all apparatus, connections and fittings which are required for providing and removing steam, cooling water, wastewater, compressed air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and correcting agents are combined.

The test liquid used in the experiments was 0.

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Do you want to make sure you use only the valid technical standards? A third type of agitator, the propeller agitator, is used in cell fermentation, but to a far lesser extent than standard disc agitators or inclined-blade agitators.

Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions. In contrast to the type 1 inclined-blade agitator, the inclined-blade agitator type 2 was designed with a narrower but longer paddle surface. An agitator blade 1 may consist of equally large segments 5with different angles of attack. The flow in a propeller agitator is directed axially. The dimensions were as follows: Three 25 mm and two 19 mm Ingold ports are let into the vessel wall laterally.


Materials handling equipment The dimensions were as follows:. Annotation of standard text DIN Aircraft and space vehicle engineering An agitator according to claim 1 for use in a bioreactor having an inner diameter which is concentric to the axis of rotation, wherein the agitator has a diameter equal to the smallest circle concentric to the axis of rotation that fully encircles the agitator blades and the ratio of the agitator diameter to the diameter of the bioreactor is 0.

Stirred-tank reactors and method of use.

Depending on the size of djn bioreactor, the agitator blades 1 can be arranged in a plurality of planes above and below one another. NS The number of pages: Such a blade mount 3 having agitator blades 1 fixed thereto is termed agitator element hereinafter.

These corrections apply to this standard: Disc agitators are also disclosed in DE 23 49 and DE 23 51 The dissolved oxygen concentration increases to the saturation concentration of approximately 6. The category – similar standards: Packaging and distribution of goods These include the heating system, gas 2831 station and the pressure control valve.

Agitators and baffles for agitator vessels; types, terms and main dimensions

Depending on the requirements of the measurement control instrumentation of the fermentation, a pO 2 electrode, a pH electrode, a temperature sensor PTa sampling valve CV 25a turbidity probe and pCO 2 electrode can be used.


Impeller assembly with asymmetric concave blades.

Continuous curve high solidity hydrofoil impeller. This has hydrodynamic properties coalescence behaviour, oxygen saturation concentration similar to the medium.

The change in turbidity was followed by the turbidity probe installed in dkn probe ring and displayed on the compensation recorder. Agitators also prevent the cells from sedimenting and thus being inhomogeneously distributed during the fermentation.

In EP 0a bioreactor is disclosed that is equipped with disc agitators. Petroleum and related technologies It represents a series of agitator types which are often used in practice. The osmolality is set and checked by means of NaCl. Road vehicles engineering If appropriate, the blade mount 3 is joined to the agitator shaft by fixing means. Don, Pressure and pH Measurement: The pH was determined by a combination pH electrode from Ingold. Field The invention relates to an agitator suitable for use in bioreactors.