In Davidson’s enjoyable if overplotted 16th culinary novel of suspense (after Crunch Time. Diane Mott Davidson, Morrow, $ (p) ISBN. Crunch Time Cookies: Diane Mott Davidson. Maybe this belongs on my DyingforChocolate blog, but I couldn’t help but post it here. My worlds. No one cooks up a tastier stew of murder, mystery, and mayhem than New York Times bestselling author Diana Mott Davidson. Entertainment Weekly calls her.

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They follow this pattern.

The third problem is that I didn’t like the characters. It’s a fun series to read, but you probably only need to read a few throughout to get the gist Many thanks to their original creators.

One is that it is too long. So she and her abrasive aunt Ferdinanda move in with private eye Ernest McLeod and nine beagle puppies apparently rescued from a puppy mill. Silva rated it really liked it. Then there’s the irritating details within the story because I’m sorry, there is no way that a standard wrench is adjustable enough to handle bolts for a potrack and the handle of an electric skillet. The what-to-have-for-breakfast and what-to-cook-for-dinner, and the fact mottt her events still have to go on.

Not helped at davixson by the evasions and actions of Yolanda and Ferdinanda.

Mystery Fanfare: Crunch Time Cookies: Diane Mott Davidson

HOW many subplots were we going to be exposed to and try and figure out? With a three-ring crime circus going on I missed the interactions of the regular crew. Another great book in the Goldy series. Doane even with the length of the book, the mystery wasn’t solved until the last convoluted pages.

So why do I keep reading Diane Mott Davidson’s books? Mar 19, Benjamin Thomas rated it did not like it Shelves: In addition, she has written short stories and poetry for various publications. I just could not get into this story, and threw in the kitchen towel after struggling through the first three chapters. What age is she, exactly?


Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson

I don’t read these books for realism. This book aggravated me because she seemed to be willing to place her son and the rest of her family in jeapordy by having women, living in her home, that had been burned out of their two previous homes. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Two, the plot is very confused with too many cases going on at once. Where was this story going? Thus begins another flavor-filled episode in the Goldy Schulz mystery series, and although Crunch Time is overlong at tome than pages, it is full of satisfying real-life dialogue along with an alarming array of suspects. Did like the twist at the end between her and Tom, which may make me pick up the next book.

The mystery itself is weak, the surrounding plot was weak, and I was looking forward to the last page so I could get on to another book.

Ms Davidson is a talented ceunch as evidenced by her past work. I read A LOT. Natty and I are going to make the Crunch Time Cookies this week.

The economy has been tough on everyone and caterer Goldy Schulz has davidsoh a drop-off in people hiring her. For first time readers there is no need davidso read the others in this series to be able to follow this book. She attended Wellesley College, where she was named a Wellesley Scholar, before transferring to Stanford University, from which she graduated with a double major in Art History and Political Science.

But for what these books are, I didn’t find anything wrong with this book in particular. Thoroughly enjoyed this as much as the earlier books by DMD. This book held my interest from start to finish. While better than some of her more recent books for example Sweet Revenge it is not as good as the early books in the series.


Unfortunately, long time readers know that this is typical Goldy behavior. That is what makes it fun.

Diane Mott Davidson – Crunch Time

She always finds herself involved in some kind of davidaon which inevitably leads to a body. I always expect an entertaining, cozy mystery when I pick up a book by Diane Mott Davidson. Davidson was educated at St.

I have been a fan of Diane Mott Davidson’s books for a long time. You can almost taste the food.

Apr 03, Drebbles rated it liked it Shelves: Well not so much. I thoroughly enjoyed it. C- or less cringe Cavidson 1 question about Crunch Time….


In order to read this book, you really have to be able to suspend your beliefs. You know I’m a sucker for anything furry. Davidson does add something to the plotline that may change the direction of future books – let’s hope it’s for the better. An ex-cop turned private eye, Ernest, was investigating a variety of cases including a puppy mill, Yolanda’s stalker, a cheating husband, and an old case of stolen jewels. Anticlimatic and not as enjoyable.

And, of course, all sorts of strange things are happening, with Goldy being threatened at every turn as she pieces it all together. As Goldy tries to help a fellow chef and old friend and her wheelchair bound aunt, Goldy of course not thinking or caring about her husband and son, takes these two annoying women into her home and opens herself and her family up to all sorts of danger.