The white-winged vampire bat (Diaemus youngi (Jentink, )) is a group- living species that produces social calls in antiphonal exchanges. We document a new locality of Diaemus youngi in the Cerrado biome, extend the distribution in Mato Grosso do Sul state (southwestern Brazil), and present the. The white-winged vampire bat (Diaemus youngi (Jentink, )) is a group-living species that produces social calls in antiphonal exchanges.

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Brosset’s big-eared bat M.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Their fur is clay-colored, light brown, or dark cinnamon brown.

White-winged Vampire Bat (Diaemus youngi) ยท

University of Chicago Press. Prey preference of the common vampire bat Desmodus rotundusChiroptera using molecular analysis. They are consistently assessed as least concern by the IUCN. Lionycteris Chestnut long-tongued bat L.

Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 19, Young bats are typically born naked and helpless and develop rapidly in the weeks following their birth.

  DIN 17350 PDF

Brown flower bat E. Mexican long-tongued bat C.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

If the prey is startled or moves, the bat will hide under the branch until it can move back to the feeding site. Revista Brasileira de Zoologia The process by which an animal locates itself with respect to other animals and objects by emitting sound waves and sensing the pattern of the reflected sound waves.

Their colonies have dominance hierarchies. Pale spear-nosed bat P.

User Username Password Remember me. Diaemus youngi Jentink, Mammalia, Chiroptera: Iteroparous animals must, by definition, survive over multiple seasons or periodic condition changes.

To cite this page: White-winged vampire bat D. Retrieved from ” https: Diaemus Miller Diaemus youngi Jentink Desmodus Common vampire bat D.

Synapomorphy of the Bilateria. They are social animalsand should be maintained in colonies. Diadmus vampire bats feed mostly on blood from various bird species, including free-ranging poultry species chickens, Guinea fowl, and turkeys.


Diaemus youngi – #3160

Andersen’s fruit-eating bat D. Niceforo’s big-eared bat T.

Views Read Edit View history. The pelage is usually a shiny clay color, light brown, or dark cinnamon brown. The slightly re-curved lower incisors with their unique system of cusps distinguish this genus from Desmodus.

Diaemus youngi – #3162

Journal of Mammalogy80 1: Revista Brasileira de Biologia Retrieved September 16, Extant species of family Phyllostomidae.

While it is infrequently encountered, it has a broad distribution, and is tolerant of a variety of habitats.

Twelve new genera of bats. Subfamily Stenodermatinae Ametrida Little white-shouldered bat A. Dark long-tongued bat L. Hairy-legged vampire bat D.