First published in serial form as Der Golem in the periodical Die weissen Blätter in –14, The Golem is a haunting Gothic tale of stolen identity and. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Geboren am in Wien, gestorben am in Starnberg. M., der “Bürgerschreck von Prag”, wandte sich dem. This item:The Golem (Dedalus European Classics) by Gustav Meyrink . Der Golem is an interesting, cleverly written and surrealistic story that has had some.

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Is this feature helpful? But no reading is conclusive.

Category:Der Golem by Gustav Meyrink

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. In Dedalus will publish a further collection of Meyrink’s short stories.

Part dream-like expressionist melodrama, part creepy horror, part eerie evocation of the magical city of Prague and its shadow-haunted ghetto, The Golem occupies a singular niche in fantastika.

For me, the best aspect of this story is its dream like feel. The translation, if accurate, which it most likely is, shows a writer with a strong literary intelligence.

That is what I think.

This edition is a straight German ser with no notes or annotations. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. His works are often set in the city of Prague, a setting he fills with menace and dark surrealism. All 25 prints in the original mounts, with the Kurt Wolff dry-stamp.

Der Golem by Gustav Meyrink – Free Ebook

Of which has no relevance to anything to do with this book, but which could have if the book had been about my childhood, which it isn’t note: View all yolem comments. So how do we identify reality and the fantastic? This is Emyrink most famous novel and was fairly avant-garde expressionism for its day – similar to the only other Meyrink novel I have read, der Weisse Dominikaner.

It definitely has literary value!

I think that “unsettling” is a more accurate term. His son committed meyriink The illegitimate child of a baron and an actress, Meyrinck spent his childhood in Germany, then moving to today’s Czech Republic where he lived for 20 years.

See 1 question about The Golem…. Remembering his past he gets flashbacks causes Pernath extreme anxiety. To relate this to the book, if I had seen the golem wandering around the city and I had been eight I like to think that I would have yelled at him that he fucks his mother, and I would have looked all bad-ass because everyone else was all scared of him, gole, seriously who should be scared of a mound of mud with a piece of paper in his mouth?


Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Books with missing cover No local image but image on Wikidata. To make a long story short, I was impressed and I feel that this story will stay with me for a long time. Naturally his friends think he is crazy and he becomes very ill.

And as he lay broken and shattered, and I emerged victorious from a battle I hope never to have to engage in again I told him what I thought of him. With Dream Photographs Like most of my boring dreams this one took place at work. I can no longer remember if it was DC, someone else in the intersim team, or whom exactly. And I stomped him into the ground. The people are subjugated and forced into unpleasant circumstances as the mejrink of death tears through Europe.

The story traces the life of a jeweler, Athanasius Pernath. I went to the mall because that is what I do for fun. Please accept my sincerest apology to anyone who felt uncomfortable by my holey pants.

The end of a rainwater pipe must once have reached the ground meyrini it, I imagine, bent at an obtuse angle, its rim eaten away by rust, and I furiously try to force such an image into my mind in order to beguile my startled thoughts and lull them back to sleep. Although Meyrink’s Golem is part of a long line of Prague golem stories which begins with Rabbi Loew in the 16th century, the legend of the golem goes back to Biblical times, the word appearing in Psalms to mean an “unshaped form” in God’s eyes.

Frankly, most of the ,eyrink appears to be a dream vision. They speak of how the work inspired later generations and new categories of Literature and Art. Nice try, but I was thinking of Gustav Meyrink. E tutti quei momenti andranno perduti nel tempo, come lacrime nella pioggia.

The spirit of the citizens is bleak and morose. I read it in three bursts separated by long stretches of time, and felt that the st Another Borges recommendation. Obscure density is all we are left with.


They did this because the doctor was falsely diagnosing patients with glaucoma and operating on them for the money. For a long time I stood there, staring out into the night, until I gradually became aware of a feeling of surprise nibbling gently at my consciousness: Anyway, Meyrink was not so much illustrating the multitudes of self within as the duality of a self within.

A very good and memorable Gothic tale, that is only loosely based on the original 16th-century Golem of Prague narrative, although this one’s also set in Prague at the present time of publication, or some 33 years earlier.

View all 3 comments. It’s a quick read, and the ending is, although not entirely unexpected, that of a good short dsr. Golem 2 10 Oct 27, For instance, common table salt forms cubes and quartz forms hexagonal prisms. I was born in Prague and grew up in the city, but the Jewish Town also called the Fifth Quarter was destroyed at the end of jeyrink century and so the picturesque mystical part of Prague survived only in memories, paintings and in its very basis, the cellars underground.

Feb 04, Bill Kerwin rated it really liked it.

The air was musty with the smell of wax and holem. The author likes to imitate the Czech and Jewish Ghetto German dialects for some of the characters and some Slavic, Yiddish and Hebrew words are used without explanation.

They all have pretty strange stories to tell. We learn from the events on the first page that Pernath has just finished reading about the life of Buddha, and shortly after he wakes up he immediately begins to experience a vision of a rock which is more like a lump of fat – a shapeless, formless stone of fat, like unformed mud.