DEMOLAY RITUAL BOOK PDF – Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. DeMolay, but not be. DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Get this from a library! Ritual degrees and ceremonials of the Order of Demolay.. [ DeMolay (Organization). International Supreme Council.].

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We seek to emphasize the magnificent heroism of DeMolay, his unfaltering fidelity to the trust reposed in him, his loyalty unto death.

The spirits of my brave comrades would haunt me through all eternity if I surrendered them to thy vengeance. Movements of the Chaplain and Marshal from their stations by way of the South to the West edmolay of the Altar would be noted thus: The sign is made by extending the right hand forward, as though about to grasp him by the hand.

As the light from these candles permeates this Chapter room, let your light so shine deolay men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.

Do you assert upon your honor that you are not inspired by an unworthy desire to be exclusive by belonging to a secret order? Brother Senior Councilor, what have you learned sitting in the West?

DeMolay – DeMolay Degree

Thou and thy companions are almost all that are left. Many of them have made the supreme sacrifice and have helped win the blessings which we now enjoy. Thou art charged with living in wealth while the poor have starved. Stewards stand by candidates.

Attendants and Orator leave the room in the same order as upon entering. Movements of Chaplain and Marshal from their stations by way of the South to the West side of the Altar would be noted thus: Then you will be conducted to the Altar where you will take upon yourselves pledges to which you cannot be false demoaly the basest dishonor which would deserve the contempt of all good men.


Thou art charged with hypocrisy and treachery in conducting the crusades in the Holy Land. The symbolic journey consists of a procession, led by the S. The striking of the gong should be timed so that the first stroke is heard as soon booj the first candidate enters and the last stroke is heard as close as possible to the entry of the last candidate, without destroying the solemn pace of the strokes.

He places school books on Northeast corner of Altar and takes one step back. We bow the knee of fealty to our sovereign Lord, and we have ever been loyal servants of the Mother Church. Wreak thou thy will upon me for I despair of the Justice of men and even the face of God doth seem to be turned away. Orator kneels but with head not bowed; other Officers kneel when Orator does.

Jacques DeMolay, we would fain spare thy life, but our decrees are unalterable.

The three advance to the center and the first two separate and take positions on either side of the Altar, facing West. Brother Chaplain, you wilt lead us in prayer. Another suggested option riutal placing the Crown of Youth on a pedestal near the altar and having each desig n ated preceptor present his part within the candles.


It is most appropriate to have demolay ritual book candidate come forward and kiss the Holy Bible on the Altar However; in a very large class where thus would be too time-consuming, the Deacons and Stewards may pass small hand Bibles demolay ritual book the candidates. You have passed through ceremonies which we have performed with only one purpose in view, and that was to impress upon you our earnest desire that you should enter unreservedly upon the performance of the duties we have inculcated.


But in a more vital sense, the South is emblematic of the noon of life, when you approach the years of manhood — when half your years lie behind you and half before. Some Chapters may find it necessary to place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Preceptors on the South side of the room and 4th, 5th, 6th arid 7th on the North side.

The Senior Deacon has outlined briefly the purposes of our Order. Thousands of young men hardly older than ourselves have proved their heroic devotion to their country by offering their lives in defense of its honor. These and other virtues, which belong to no age or time, we have infused into our teachings as the most enduring basis of broadly built human character.

Open Ceremonies – DeMolay International Celebrates its Centennial Year

Active DeMolays will kneel on left knee. Brother Marshal, you will see that all present are members of the Order of DeMolay or visitors.

Brother Master Councilor, the Sentinel is informed. If there is a DeMolay emblem on the Altar cloth, it demolay ritual book be on the West side.

Stewards move from shield positions to assist candidates to rise. Any Active DeMolay may perform the part of Master Councilor in an initiation, the part does not necessarily have to be performed by the regularly installed Master Councilor.

Sir Master Inquisitor, shall we listen to further treason against our King? Thy brethren cannot forever rktual the trap wherein thou thyself hast been netted.

The candles should be arranged about and to the East of the Altar.