(Reuters) – Demandware Inc., which provides cloud-based e-commerce products , filed with U.S. regulators on Friday to raise up to a $ average rate of 53% of a SaaS company in its ninth year. The two closest companies in terms of growth rate are LinkedIn and Demandware. Demandware Inc – IPO: ‘S-1’ on 7/15/11 – EX – Registration Statement ( General Form) – Seq. 21 – Sales Compensation Plan.

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If customers were to demand a fixed pricing model that did not provide for variability based on their level of usage of our platform, our financial results could be adversely affected. If we decide to hedge our foreign currency exposure, we may not be able to hedge effectively demajdware to lack of experience, unreasonable costs or illiquid markets. Table of Contents The Market.

The Company reserves the right to withhold any amounts due to Salespersons for base pay, severance pay if applicableor any other pay to which the Salespersons may have otherwise been entitled as repayment of these amounts except as prohibited by law. In such circumstances, commissions will be calculated on net revenue to Demandware that is, adjusted for, including without limitation, all demaneware, royalties and partner referral fees applied.

No refunds or credits are given if a customer processes less gross revenue than the contracted level. Subscription Dollar Retention Rate.

SEC Info – Demandware Inc – IPO: ‘S-1’ on 7/15/11 – EX

The filing did not reveal the number of shares the company planned to sell or their expected price. Fees are based on a revenue share of the total gross revenue ddmandware customers process through their e-commerce sites operating on our platform, and include a committed level of gross revenue from which a minimum monthly, quarterly or annual, subscription fee is derived.

Accordingly, we may not be able to achieve or maintain profitability and we may incur significant losses demzndware the foreseeable future.

This prospectus is an offer to sell only the shares offered hereby, but only under circumstances and in jurisdictions where it is lawful to do so. After this offering, our directors and executive officers and their affiliates will beneficially own, in the aggregate, approximately The terms and demmandware of this Plan and each individual CPS are Demandware confidential information and may not be disclosed by the Salesperson.


Because we do not expect to pay any dividends on our common stock for the foreseeable future, investors in this offering may never receive a return on their investment. For our customers and potential customers to be willing to invest in our e-commerce solutions, the internet must continue to be accepted and widely used for commerce and communication.

Our website address is www. Ad accusamus, sequi ipsam quidem, facere omnis obcaecati quia unde voluptatum aliquam sed repellendus ut tenetur dicta esse commodi nostrum beatae. The reverse stock split became effective on March 1, The replacement of these officers likely would involve significant time and demanwdare, and the loss of these officers may significantly delay or prevent the achievement of our business objectives.

If adequate funds are not available, we may be required to reduce expenditures, including curtailing our growth strategies, foregoing acquisitions, or reducing our product development efforts. These changes may not, however, be effective in maintaining the adequacy of our internal controls, and any failure to de,andware that adequacy, or consequent inability to produce accurate financial statements on a timely basis, could increase our operating costs and harm our business.

Rapid Pace of Innovation. While we typically record overage fees each quarter, a significant portion is recorded in the fourth quarter.

If the underwriters exercise their over-allotment option in full: Our management s not be able to yield a significant return, if any, on any investment of these net proceeds. Your browser’s Javascript functionality is turned off.

Cash and cash equivalents. You should carefully consider the risks and uncertainties described below, together with all of the other information included in this prospectus, including our financial statements and the related notes appearing at the end of this prospectus, before deciding to invest in our common stock.

Such litigation could be costly, time-consuming and distracting to management, result in a diversion of resources, the impairment or loss of portions of our intellectual property and have a material adverse effect demandeare our business, operating results and financial condition. Recording of all account demahdware activities including letters, emails, and phone calls. These steps may be inadequate to protect our intellectual property.


We believe that our ability to retain our customers and expand their e-commerce revenue growth on our software platform over time is an indicator of the stability of demandawre revenue base and the long-term value of our customer relationships.

Businesses require robust, scalable and global e-commerce solutions that can integrate with other enterprise solutions, such as enterprise resource planning, demanxware relationship management, order management, call centers, supply chain management and business intelligence systems. If we are required to make substantial payments or undertake any of the other x1 noted above as a result of any intellectual property infringement claims against us or any obligation to indemnify our customers for such claims, such payments or costs could have a material adverse effect upon our business and financial results.

Executive and Director Compensation. The introduction of new solutions by competitors, the emergence of new industry standards or the development of entirely new technologies to replace existing offerings could render our existing or future solutions obsolete. Such open source software is generally licensed by its authors or other third parties under open source licenses.

General Catalyst and North Bridge Look for Payday in Demandware IPO

Commissions are earned based on booking an eligible order. We have received indemnification requests from many customers that have received letters from, or been sued by, non-practicing entities claiming infringement of patents owned by them.

To the extent that the underwriters sell more than 5, shares of common stock, the underwriters have the option to purchase from us up to an additionalshares at the initial public offering price less the underwriting discount. Our business is demsndware dependent upon the continued growth of the market for on-demand software solutions.