Authors: Buyung Hadi, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Jan Knodel and Ken Ostlie. Seedcorn maggot is the larva of a small fly, Delia platura. This fly is widely. Genus: Delia. Species: D. platura. Subspecies: D. platura. Scientific Name. Delia platura (Meigen, ). Common Names. seedcorn maggot. Delia platura (Meigen, ). seedcorn maggot. polyphagous. Delia platura: cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva. cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva (from.

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Anthomyiidae emergence in conventional and reduced- tillage soybean systems in Iowa.

Delia platura – Bugwoodwiki

Response of dry bean selections to field infestations of seedcorn maggot in central Washington. Species Page – Delia platura. Hammond found that population increases were associated with tillage systems involving substantial soil disturbance, and Hammond observed that timing of tillage operations also affected population sizes.

Informe Agropecuario, 23 Note on a severe attack by the fly Phorbia platura Deli in a maize crop. Studies on the biology and control of the seed-corn maggot [Delia platura]. Larrain reported damage to onion seedlings and shallots Allium ascalonicum in Chile that reached Crop Protection, 12 7: Biology, morphology and parasites of Delia platura Meigen Diptera: Crop Protection, 16 3: Continuing to use www.


They complete their entire development within the soil by burrowing into seeds or feeding on cotyledons emerging from seeds Bennett et al. However, live, green organic matter or animal manure that is incorporated into the soil in the spring attracts egg-laying flies. Diptera in spring sown maize.

Delia platura (soybean)

Contributions on the ecology and economic importance of Delia Hylemya platura Meigen Diptera: The standard treatment for control of this pest is to treat preventatively with pre-plant, in-furrow insecticides. Pests associated with onion crops and their control. Harvested produce with fly puparia can have adult flies emerge when at the market.

Add New Comment all fields are required. Isolated incidences of predation by spiders, ants, and birds upon adults and of fungal delix infecting larvae have been reported.

The damage potential is minimal in no-tillage fields, and germinating seeds alone are not sufficient to attract large populations of egg-laying flies Rice Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America If infestations of flies occur mid- to late season due to crop damage which attracts flies to decaying organic matter, control of flies might be warranted.


In cool wet seasons damage may be widespread. The abdomen is blunt with platuura brown to black spiracles at the posterior end.

bean seed fly (Delia platura)

Specimen Info There are 4 specimens of this species in the online database. Canadian Entomologist, 6: Field Crops Research Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible for contributed content.

Decaying organic matter from crop residues in reduced-tillage systems is an ideal ovipositional site for this insect BarlowGregory and Musick Seedcorn maggot as a pest of field corn.

Chemical control of the larvae of the seed corn maggot on snap beans by means of seed treatments and cultivar susceptibility. Insect management in reduced tillage systems. Upon completion of two to three generations it over winters in puparium. Structura speciilor de muste din genul Delia, daunatoare culturilor de fasole.

Late instar larva and pupa of the seedcorn maggot, Delia platura Meigenshowing seed damage.