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Every week, football referees are victims of their hobby and some are paying with their lives. Procedure for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship. The Agency believes that the proposed rules would provide a robust, balanced and realistic basis for European operators, equivalent to most exigent safest EU national regimes.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Controls may include organic products found with an operator and eventually certified by other control bodies, independently if these bodies are approved in the same or in a different Member State. What measures were implemented and what was their actual impact? Ryanair aircraft flying with too little fuel on board. This derogation will be based on the current level of trade in textiles between the two partners. As the introduction of polyphosphates is a serious threat to the economic viability of the Portuguese cod processing industry, will it consider adopting the exception for cod destined for the Portuguese market?

The abovementioned acts provide a comprehensive set of rules on the protection of workers especially when moving from their home country in search of employment. The Commission already consulted stakeholders in an extensive public consultation at the end of Concerning the heads of important public organisations, the Greek Authorities have committed to appoint as Secretary General of the revenue administration a person with senior management experience, expertise in tax matters, and an impeccable reputation.

EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Today, without exception, security scanners deployed at EU airports have to be based on millimetre wave technology instead of X-ray. Given that this situation runs the risk of large corporations — which have the financial power to set up huge data centres — encroaching on the role of States, what measures does the Commission plan in decrsto to defend an ethical approach to holding information?


Can the Commission state what decrto be done at EU level to help private investment in Portugal return to levels that support economic growth and job creation?

In the absence of a new programme and support measures, these farmers will have no alternative rural development support scheme to apply for when their existing commitments end in EU citizens having difficulty obtaining work visas in Brazil. Free movement of workers in the OCTs — principle of non-discrimination. Significant yield differences in eurozone bonds. Given that Canada intends to qualify for an exception through this agreement, despite not being a least developed country, does it believe that it is fair and acceptable to set a precedent for future agreements that will seriously harm the already weakened EU textile industry?

These measures will provide planning and financial tools to support the local and national authorities in their efforts comenntado adapt the TEN-T ports to the challenges of the sector, notably deceeto TEN-T ports are connected with railways, and as far as the ports of the core network are concerned to develop infrastructure to provide alternative clean fuels to ships.

Companies would use a fully automated system to specifically target, find and report only known or vetted child pornography images, without examining or revealing any other data.

According to the Commission proposal, the support would cover the costs of establishment and an annual premium per hectare to cover the costs of maintenance for a limited period.

A team of researchers from the University of Coimbra recently identified a natural compound extracted from juniper, which has good potential for treating osteoarthritis. The stability fund represents about one third of the value of the Portugal bailout.

It remains important to facilitate this adjustment while at the same time strengthening the foundations of sustainable growth and job creation. What is the Commission’s view on the EURAF statement that agroforestry systems should be made fully eligible under the first pillar of the common agricultural policy? The Overseas Association Decision currently in force does not include provisions regulating the freedom of movement of workers.

The ECDC also considers that pertussis vaccination might be needed also comentaso adults for protection of the youngest infants, especially under six months of age, when the highest rates of hospitalisation and mortality occur. They are not obliged therefore to adapt their own tax systems to the different systems of taxation of the other Member States in order, inter aliato eliminate the double taxation arising from the exercise in parallel by those States of their fiscal sovereignty.


In these scientific reports it was comntado that flight duty times of up to 14 hours a day should only be allowed for duties starting within a short time window of 4 hours, namely between 8.

These funds are managed nationally by the Member States. The unemployment rate has been rising, having reached These technologies are a useful tool that can be employed by the private sector effectively to reduce the availability of child pornography online and the re-victimisation of children.

Glasgow – United Kingdom

This call will be directed, like any other emergency call, to the number. The aim of the contract is reported to be twofold: In a second phase, the national authorities take enforcement action, if appropriate. Method for calculating the rates of payment for participants in the Lifelong Learning Programme and Horizon Programy pro rozvoj venkova: Inthe Commission, along with all stakeholders, made a commitment to assess the situation and to propose specific measures to reduce waste at different production stages, including the final consumer.

Since comwntado adoption in of a joint action by the Council on combating trafficking in human beings and the sexual exploitation of children, a large number of initiatives have been mounted with a view to addressing these forms of crime.

De acordo com o artigo 4.

And for the financial assistance programme to succeed properly in Portugal, growth — which is supposed to take place as of — is vital. Could the Commission not 71333 up a working group with the relevant football domentado to ascertain what might be the most suitable tools for combating this scourge?

Call for the Commission to monitor the waste involved in the bridge over the Straits of Messina. Chaque semaine, les arbitres de football sont victimes de leur hobby et certains le payent de leur vie. Moreover, the Commission has started working on the next critical part of the Banking Comeentado, a Single Resolution Mechanism SRM to resolve banks, and will present a legislative proposal before the summer.

Real cost of current accounts in the EU.