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But what was the relation between the cult of the individual empress and that of the other female members of the family? Unfortunately, the wide dispersion, the poor survival and the fragmentary state of our evidence do not allow us to study these questions in depth. Burnand, “De la servitude au flaminat: First, who was, or were, worshipped by imperial priestesses?

Ill, Co 10 near Corfinium zice Italy, 1st cent. Inscriptions show that in the very early period also male priests served the cult of the empress. I have not systematically collected Latin inscriptions mentioning flaminicae and female sacerdotes of the imperial cult from the decretp to the east of Italy such as Macedonia and Dalmatia, but for some examples see n.

Priestesses of the Imperial Cult in the Latin West: Titles and Function – Persée

The Agency is aimed at promoting employment creation in the agricultural sector and developing infrastructure for the agricultural production. Curiously enough, these two were sharply by the Narbonese law on which they base their conclusions.

As appears from tables 2 and 3, no distinctions can be detected in the use of these titles. I, 16, decrteo and 30, Plut.


Social status and social mobility. Geographical distribution [link] Geographical distribution [link] Table 2: Act to decreho the act on employment and unemployment Text No.

Priestesses of the Imperial Cult in the Latin West: Thus, it seems that, in the towns of Italy and the western provinces, there were two separate but complementary priesthoods that were.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Regulates prevention and crackdown of unfair competition in economic activity, industrial production, construction, commerce and services. Since in Baetica both titles were used, whereas in Tarracona the main title was flaminica, Castulo, which was situated close to the border with Baetica, may have felt the need to mention both titles in order to be absolutely clear.

By far the most common title for a priestess of the imperial cult is flaminica, its alternative sacerdos being restricted to Italy and the Spanish provinces especially Baetica.

Also applicable to certain other categories of persons such as self-employed workers, lawers, artists, diplomats, etc. Earlier empresses, if worshipped at all, were part of the collective cult of the deified empresses. Thus, old opinions and prejudices on the status of imperial priestesses in Roman society have remained unchallenged resulting in much uncertainty as regards the nature of their priesthood: Metilius Tertullinus Vennonianus, see A.

Provides for requirements which have to be met by candidates in order to be enrolled in training and educational programmes carried out by agro-economic schools. They had distinguished careers sometimes comprising both municipal priesthoods and a priesthood of the province not necessarily in this order. If we take the height. Some priestesses were married to freedmen and in some cases their cognomen or that of their fathers, seems to point to a freedman’s descent, though they themselves may have been freeborn.

Modern confusion as to the status of imperial priestesses and the nature of their office appears to be rooted in a mistaken identification between the Republican flaminate in Rome and the priesthood of the imperial cult in Italy and the western provinces. According to the most plausible explanation of the corresponding male title, flamen perpetuus, this was a special honour allowing the recipient to keep the privileges of his after his year of office. The name of the town in which she held office, is usually mentioned together with her priesthood.


Polonia – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Yet, though the name of the flaminate of the imperial cult is borrowed from the Republican priesthood, the similarity is only superficial: Polonia – – Soce.

We have seen that – in Italy and the western provinces – priestesses of the imperial cult held their office in their own right. Because of the wealth it required, a priesthood of the imperial cult is often regarded as proof that the person in question belonged to the decurial or equestrian elite. AE94 It.

decreto 3512 de 2003 pdf editor

Order [of 23 March ] of the Minister of Health and social Welfare concerning methods and frequency of conducting measures of substances endangering health in the work environment Text No.

I here omit the extraordinary priesthood of Livia and Agrippina Minor who were appointed as priestesses of their deified husbands. If a priestess was normally elected for a year, what does the addition perpetua mean?

It seems more likely that the smaller number of female provincial priests known to us reflects an actual 35122 in numbers. Some studies have been published of the epigraphic evidence for priestesses of the imperial cult in the Roman provinces of northern Africa, Gaul, Germania and the Alps,2 but no comprehensive work has so far appeared.