actualizado automáticamente por las notificaciones que realice alguno de los . DIAN. b) Envíos de correspondencia, los paquetes postales y los envíos urgentes, de que trata el Decreto de “Por el cual se modifica la Legislación. Este registro será actualizado automáticamente por las notificaciones que realice alguno . conformidad con el Decreto de Según la Ley DIAN. Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales. ECE. Economic. de este documento ha sido preparado y actualizado en enero de .. gación de informarle a la DIAN y al Banco de la República, los movimientos Decreto ley /67, Art. y siguientes D. de y resolución de

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Technical assistance is needed in coordination with the National Immigration Agency. Technical assistance required preferably in Dutch language. Yes, technical and financial for implementing the integral development of a complete project based on current technology. Yes minimal documentation; Law No. Training of the customs personnel in the use of the software would also be necessary.

HTS Nota General The Ecuadorian Customs Corporation has Personnel Regulations that establish rights and obligations for customs officials.

Kitts and Nevis No. Arancel aduaneroy seccionesreglamento Technical and financial input required. Technical assistance is needed for the analysis of the feasibility, design and implementation of the procedure. Estimated for the end of No Yes to simplified documentation general manifestbut there is no deferment of payment.

Receive the necessary training to manage customs control systems that facilitate the rapid release of express shipments while also minimizing the possibility of fraud in the declaration of these shipments. The temporary importation of tools and equipment necessary for carrying out the functions or activities of professionals and technical personnel who enter to provide services to a company ddecreto under consideration. Implementation of a new set of regulations is anticipated.


No Yes No Dominica No Establish minimal documentation, data and procedural requirements based on value of goods while maintaining the appropriate customs control and selection ii.

ALCA – FTAA – ZLEA – Customs Related Business Facilitation Measures

Yes El Salvador a. No Dominican Republic Yes. Standards of Conduct document Yes. Secciones y del Acta Aduanera. There is no distinction. No Yes Partially No For other types of goods, we are implementing a procedure providing for rapid processing, with customs working 24 hours.

Yes, minimum documentation Decree of and Res. No existe 6285 manual de procedimientos aduaneros para las importaciones de documentos publicitarios.

Streamlined procedures are established for the temporary import of goods into the country. According to Law No.

decreto 2685 de 1999 pdf dian

Establish hyperlinks from the FTAA Home Page to national customs administrations’ homepages for future updates to the country-specific information contained in the Hemispheric Guide on Customs Procedures. Couriers pay cost-recovery for services-on-demand Departmental Memorandum D Changes in administrative procedure; acquisition of equipment; acquisition of computer programs. Consulting services for the design of comprehensive programs for risk management to prevent and monitor violations of customs regimes, at locations authorized for customs services.


To finish installing the Frame Relay Network. Procedures for electronic clearance. Within the policy of transparency that the General Directorate of Customs finds itself, a Strategic Plan and one of Cultural Transformation is being elaborated.

Reformulate the draft Customs Law before the Congress so it will provide for deferred payment. ANSI-X12 ver -file format. Section of Customs Act.

Legislation does not make reference to risk analysis. Customs Law, Articles 36 and Vincent and the Grenadines.

Decree and D. Legislative and financial support required for expansion. Legislative changes; acquisition of equipment; acquisition of computer programs Yes. Decretk schedule of Customs Act, Chapter Hardware and Software Training. Update the Hemispheric Guide on Customs Procedures ii.

decreto de pdf dian – PDF Files

Required in the acquisition of computer software and specialized equipment. Training in the ATA Convention. The Ministerial Agreement No. Decreto de We anticipate that customs will work 24 hours a day receiving and clearing shipments. Assistance is needed for implementing a monitoring computer program, at some of diann customs administrations, which duan compatible with the Century XXI Customs System. See answer Measure 1 i. Develop electronic systems accessible to the trading community.

TA is needed Jamaica Partially.