In her book Decoding the Heavens, Jo Marchant tells the story of an ancient Greek artefact called the Antikythera mechanism. It was discovered. Roman Aqueducts and Water Supply by A. Trevor Hodge The Riddle of the Labyrinth by Margalit Fox Decoding the Heavens by Jo Marchant A LM IA Ceramic. We all know about the ancient Greeks’ abilities in art and philosophy, but, as this enlightening book tells us, they also made the world’s first.

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‘Decoding the Heavens’ by Jo Marchant

As the book goes on it drew me into the stories, so instead th minding them I looked forward to them. See 1 question about Decoding the Heavens…. It takes a disciplined brain and a talented writer to explain so many processes with such painless lucidity.

Now, more than years after the device was lost at sea, scientists have pieced together its intricate workings and revealed its secrets. At its heart, this is an epic adventure story, a book that challenges our assumptions about technology development through the ages while giving us fresh insights into history itself.

Price was able to show that gearing matched the Metonic cycle used by Magchant sky calendars. This may be one of the best non-fiction books on ancient mysteries I have come across. This old archaeological fragment acts in some ways very much like today’s modern computers, in that it is able to provide data and information.

Marchant broke down marcnant realities and interwove the relationships of the scientists involved at every level of revelation to help us all fall in love with this ancient mystery that still holds its own undiscovered origin and purpose.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Marchant undertakes to explain the significance of this marvel to the completely uninitiated: The little mechanism, with gears, pointers, flat discs, slots and pins, and a hand crank, plots the course of the Sun, Moon, known planets, including the observed elliptical orbits and wobbles in their travels.


Marchant approaches the mystery of the mechanism in a narrative that begins with the discovery of the Antikythera wreck in and includes a primer on the development of scuba gear in the 19th century. But thats totally acceptable, given at times this was a topic that literally 3 neavens on earth really were really paying attention to. Jo Marchant reveals her ease ehavens translating scientific speak into real-life adventure that drives readers of all kinds right to the very end of this dceoding book.

Decoding The Heavens | Jo Marchant | Home

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. They expanded on the complexity again, indicating that the zodiac, sun, moon and even eclipses could be predicted using the Antikythera mechanism. And also predicts eclipses – out to 26, years.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. For over a hundred years, through wars and upheavals, one person after another has fallen under the spell of the Antikythera mechanism, as it came to be called.

I was especially taken with the discussion dwcoding other devices and now want to take a trip to Europe to see as many of them as possible! She addresses each reasonable ddcoding in good faith, then debunks it as advanced technology and clearer thinkers with better information unravel previously impenetrable clues.

Top notch book that chronicles the discovery and decipherment of a device that proves to the modern world that assumptions about the low level of technical achievement in the ancient world are very wrong.

Decoding the Heavens: A 2,000-Year-Old Computer and the Century-Long Search to Discover Its Secrets

This book reminds us all that in reality, the ancients re Definately an interesting book in what it contains rather than the book itself. Successive teams of competing researchers have added to knowledge of one of the first known astronomical computers: Very interesting subject matter, but at times it felt like the writer was stretching out into a book, a Wikipedia article’s amount of information.


The mechanism gives an insight into the possibilities that might decdoing existed, and also totally changed the way that I saw the ancient world. Old Man of Syracuse.

Of marchang, the world is full of other evidence of the advanced abilities of ancient man and crazy explanations abound. Many layers of the story around the device are explored, from the historical to the scientific, taking time to peer into the lives of ancient citizens, hobby archeologists, and fanatical start-up entrepreneurs.

The writing is accessible and lively; at times a little too journalist-y for my tastes, but very readable. This builds up a surprising level of dramatic tension, as the quest to uncover this ancient machine’s secrets truly is a race against time.

No, surely it’s the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi, with its thousands of life-size terra cotta infantry.

The writing is acceptable, if a little dry at times. Dwelling on irrelevant minutiae, personal stories and general incompetence of the Geavens government who’d have thunk it.

‘Decoding the Heavens’ by Jo Marchant – LA Times

In the end it turns out that this sophisticated gear driven mechanical device was akin to a modern celestial clock that provided details about the movements of celestial bodies. Not quite the follow up to Freeth’s documentary that i was looking for. The book reads heavenz like a blog post than a scientific paper: But until recent technical advances, such as the microfocus X-ray imaging that enabled researchers to literally peer inside the corroded bronze fragments, one hidden layer at a time, scientists were often working with too little data and too much inference — and, in some cases, a strong leaven fecoding arrogance.

Jun 03, Johanna rated it it was amazing.