Historico debate;La existencia de Dios Russell VS Copleston:ESPAÑOL en 2D. Sobre la santificacion de la memoria. Find this Pin and more on La Fe. Materia y racionalidad: sobre la existencia de la Idea de Pérez Bertrand Russell y F. C. Copleston: “Debate sobre la existencia de Dios”. Existencia e identidad: especificación frente a descripción de un dominio.A. Arrieta Bertrand Russell y F. C. Copleston: “Debate sobre la existencia de Dios “.

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I’ve had experiences myself that have altered my character profoundly. Only contingent being can have a cause.

Arrieta Urtizberea – – Teorema: Do you mean that you reject these terms because they won’t fit in with what is called “modern logic”? For you it has no meaning.

But, to my mind, a “necessary proposition” has got to exixtencia analytic.

There isn’t any world distinct from the objects which form it, any more than the human race is something apart from the members. Science Logic and Mathematics. Well, it seems to me that the scientist does make some such assumption.

Yes, quite true in imagination. Yes, I should add we don’t know the essence a priori. That is by no means always the case.

Wonfilio Trejo, Russell: descripcion y existencia – PhilPapers

And, in fact, only to such as are analytic — that is to say — coplestln as it is self-contradictory to deny. I don’t say, of course, that God is the sum-total or system of exixtencia is good in the pantheistic sense; I’m not a pantheist, but I do think that all goodness reflects God in some way and proceeds from Him, so that in a sense the man who loves what is truly good, loves God even if he doesn’t advert to God.


I mean a loving, but unclear, awareness of some object which irresistibly seems to the experiencer as something transcending the self, something transcending all the normal objects of experience, something which cannot be pictured existenciaa conceptualized, but of the reality of which doubt is impossible — at least during the experience.

Russell Debate portion on “Contingency” — note: Russell Y el problema de coplewton referencia. Copleston Jesuit Catholic priest versus Bertrand Russell agnostic philosopher, picture right. But when you get what one might call the pure type, say St. I maintain the meaninglessness of certain particular terms — not on any general ground, but simply because I’ve not been able to see an interpretation of those particular terms.

Debate Sobre La Existencia De Dios

You can very well say that the effects of the actions of the Commandant of Coplezton were painful and unpleasant. The human being’s ideas of the content of the moral law depends entirely to a large extent on education and environment, and a man has to use his reason in assessing the validity of the actual moral ideas of his social group.

Yes, but what’s your justification for distinguishing between good and bad or how do you view the distinction between them? God is His own sufficient reason; but He is not cause of Himself. Well, I mean we wouldn’t regard God as being on the same level as the characters in a work of fiction.


And that reason must be an existent being.

The experiment may be a bad one, it may lead to no result, or not to the result that he wants, but that at any rate there is the possibility, through experiment, of finding out the truth urssell he assumes. So that I mean there is a being whose essence involves existence although we don’t know that essence. I mean, I think people can make russelll in that as they can in other things.

But if you say “Yes, God is the cause of the world” you’re using Sobte as a proper name; then “God exists” russel, not be a statement that has meaning; that is the position that I am maintaining. Bertrand Russell y F. Isn’t it because he’s in the minority? When the logic that he uses was new — namely, in the time of Aristotle, there had to be a great deal of fuss made about it; Aristotle made a lot of fuss about that logic.

That’s what I mean by a contingent being. Well, perhaps it’s time I summed up my position. But still I agree that the validity of such an interpretation of a man’s conduct depends on the recognition of God’s existence, obviously.

Well, we seem to have arrived at an impasse.