DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, FORGOTTEN REALMS, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, and the Wizards of the Coast logo are registered trademarks owned by. Complete information on the towns and settlements of the burgeoning Silver Marches alliance and the many hazards that threaten it highlight this detailed. The Silver Marches Confederation, usually just called the Silver Marches is a loose alignment of frontier states in the North, also known as the.

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Wits in Silverymoon joke that Quaervarr is worth having in the alliance simply to preserve its fine inn, The Whistling Stag.

Silver Marches (accessory) – Wikipedia

Not far from the Hall of the Elders stands the city armory, a small, square keep built from dressed limestone blocks. Deadsnows is now the destination of choice for explorers seeking their fortunes in the dangerous highlands above the town. Marauding orcs and monsters plundered the surface portions of the city time and time again during the centuries between DR, the year in which Hlondath fell, and DR, the year in which Ascalhorn, Ammarindar, and Eaerlann succumbed to an matches of demons.

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: No market stalls are allowed to encroach into this great open space surrounding the Master’s Hall. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Reaching Adbar is difficult: This attitude comes as no surprise, however, considering the imminent dangers that threaten the city from all sides.

Ed Greenwood, Sean K. Plagues and evils untold await those foolish enough to disturb them.

In the days of the dwarf kingdom of Delzoun, Sundabar was a mighty dwarf citadel. The reviewer from Pyramid noted that Silver Marches is the first Forgotten Realms book “to transport a highly detailed chunk of the Realms into 3rd Edition”, and called it “a worthy read for all DMs”.


Located southeast of Silverymoon and situated on the north bank of the Rauvin River, Everlund is the second largest city in the Silver Marches and one of its most active mercantile communities. The other Elders dislike Draga intensely, but it’s long been the way of the city for Elders to avoid interfering in each other’s selection in order to avoid civic conflict.

Fendelben has no real friends on the council, since the Keeper of the Bridge is his natural opponent — the Keeper’s agents collect taxes grudgingly paid by the Master’s fellow merchants.

Silver Marches

Goblin kingdoms and orc warrens infest these mountains. Something does not work as expected? The army has set up a special station just inside the main entrance to the courtyard, where mercenaries and adventurers may obtain work patrolling Evermoor Way and keeping the route clear of monsters and other threats.

The River Rauvin passes through the peaks in a steep-sided, mist-filled gorge of roaring white water.

The orc hordes of the high mountains grow strong again and arm for war. This group is always composed of the marchhes holding the most prominent positions in the city, although from time to time debate breaks out over whether another civic figure is important enough to merit a position on the council. Perhaps the most famous structure is the University of Silverymoon, a school of magic composed of several formerly separate colleges.

5E Silver Marches 3E campaign book

Snow heaped high in the streets melts in the d&x and seeps into the stones and the earth beneath. The cover, with art by Vance Kovacs, is fine in both design and imagery; the wrap-around painting of an invading orc horde says a lot about the forging of the Silver Marches. The ancestral home of the Urhgardt Black Lion tribe, this is a huge pit containing their ancestor mound.


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silvrr The book offers quite some plot hooks you could use to tie the characters to the campaign on a personal level. Around the edges of this area are permanent stalls selling manufactured items, and surrounding the market is a ring of shops that vend all manner of trade goods and a variety of services.

Doom seemed certain, but then an unexpected ally appeared — the Forgemaster of Sundbarr. Hard on their heels have come those not interested in hunting for gold, but intent on exploiting the situation. Silver Village grew slowly into Silverymoon Town, and Silverymoon became a city in DR, when its first set of walls was completed. The heart of the dwarfhold lay in the immense foundries around the fiery rift, a source of heat so large and intense that works of the most massive scale and most difficult alloys could be accomplished here.

The layout of these streets and the location of certain city features, such as the market, many inns, and warehouses, are designed for the accommodation of caravans and their merchants.

The first town on the site of Everlund was quietly abandoned over the years as trade ceased along this route. The city’s peace and goodwill is due to the influence of powerful local mages and the Harpers.

The humans rebuilt the surface keeps and strongholds, and went on to raise mighty walls around their city.

Kayl favors the interests of landed nobles over the city’s guilds and mxrches. Soldiers patrol the courtyard inside the new wall, prohibiting entry to anyone who is not a soldier or is not on on official government business.