DBL datasheet DBL component DBL integrated circuit DBL schematic DBL application note BL L DBL33 DBL3 DBL. See general marking information in the device marking section on page 8 of this data sheet. DEVICE MARKING INFORMATION TSSOP− DBL Datasheet: Quad voltage comparator, DBL PDF Download Daewoo Semiconductor, DBL Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet, Equivalent.

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Use this as a last resort and install some kind of a circuit breaker or fuse in series with the output. After this, try some dummy load. Accept and hide Reject Read More. I guess this pin should always be at 4. Such a design has a LOT more advantages that modifying an existing working supply to something one can easily blow and of which the final specs are unknown or uncertain without testing, which could easily negate all the work.

DBL (Daewoo) – Quad Voltage Comparator, Comparators

Click here to register now. Or is it true what some say that only the 5v line is regulated?


Your mod is great and simple. If i short pin 4 to ground over 4k6 resistor do I still have over current protection or datashheet i lose it? This was the third ATX internal variable voltage supply. I have a Thermaltake, Toughpower watt xt.

old computer power suply

Then you can adjust the output down to zero. So maybe I can replace some resistor with another one to get a lower minimum voltage, say, 3V, by changing the potential of pin 2 to 3V?

Some better supplies have a crowbar detector sensing the 5 volt line and are designed to self-destruct if there is an overvoltage. Hello I need help regarding your scheme.

Yes, use a trimmer instead of a potentiometer, then set its resistance so the supply runs on 18 volts. Sebi Active Member Feb 25, I have uc in my power supply so pin I should use as you use? Chippie Member Mar 9, Or, as said, replace them with a higher voltage rating. Thank you for the reply Jozef, if it works or not I will post my results.

If you do not, it is not advisable to proceed. I have a question. Your hack is today on Hack a Day!

What to do when your supply shuts down on load, is described above in step 4. Basically, you should see at least 3 ferrite transformers on the circuit board and a heatsinked linear stabilizer 78xx powering the chip.


I easily managed to get a very dataasheet and simplistic ATX converted. After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out.

Yes, one needs to adjust that Zener appropriately after the mod. As you can see, the output stays stabilized — even at a 14 amp draw, the voltage drop is just a few tenths of volts. This setup works a treat. Its for an electroplating project.

Nice text, thanks for sharing this with us.

DBL pdf Datasheet P1 Part Num IC-ON-LINE

Dnl339 participate you need to register. When i try to turn on PSU with voltage set under these values it immediately stops working. At this point I also advise you to cover the supply with a hat or something before powering up.

Modding a range hood fan.