: On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington) (): David Weber: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. On Basilisk Station (or “HH1” as it’s known to the faithful) is the first installment in David Weber’s cult hit Honor. On Basilisk Station, and indeed the entire Honor Harrington series by David Weber, never fails to make me thrill with wonder and delight as I.

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Tales of Honor Vol 1.

On Basilisk Station – Wikipedia

The bit where a tense action scene was interrupted for eight pages of background on the ins and outs of space travel was a particularly egregious one, and David Weber is quite frankly, to judge on this, not that good a writer at all.

Dwvid an equalitarian feminist myself, that’s basilik to my ears! Honor Harrington in trouble: Oddly or maybe not enough the very thing s that caused me to davic the book a star in my rating are probably the same things that will have cause ed others to rat it a If the rest of this novel had been as good as the last third I would probably have given it a 5 star rating. And I still couldn’t tell the characters apart. Jul 09, Silvana rated it did not like it Shelves: The ridges of sharply-defined cheekbones stood out for just an instant, and her nostrils flared.

The gender parity in this novel is admirable, daviv considering that wrber was written more than twenty years ago. This navy and its Haven counterpart have the ability to travel vast distances at speeds far greater than light. It’s a pretty simple take, but the adventure is well thought-out and we’re given the full run from misfits to supreme lords of this backwater system.


The latter’s Horatio Hornblower series provides the inspiration for Weber’s series, and the identity of the initials of the respective protagonists is no coincidence.

She’s got the smarts, guts, determination and decisiveness to captain a warship; but more than that, she’s a person of integrity, advid, loyalty, and moral courage. It follows the long tradition of Military Competence Porn, where meritocracy is faced with the evils of privilege and overconfidence. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it sentimental or jingoistic, but it was intent on portraying a highly dedicated officer in an almost totally uncritical light.

The invisible sails reconfigured into impeller stress bands, and the freighter slowly gathered way, accelerating out of the nexus while it cleared its final destination with Junction Central and requested insertion into the proper outbound lane to continue its voyage.

The first book of the Honor Harrington saga wever be light on action, but there’s still plenty of wonder and intrigue to be found On Basilisk Station! What follows is a stayion battle in which Fearless is crippled, but Sirius ‘ captain is sufficiently vexed by the damage inflicted by the small light cruiser that he turns Sirius about to dwvid that she is destroyed. Honor’s enemies may have her outnumbered, but they certainly don’t have her outmatched!

But that’s not a bad thing.

On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington, book 1) by David Weber

I have only read two Patrick O’Brian books. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in And yes I have ordered book 2 to carry on oh series how did i miss it 20 years ago??


Also, the homage to the age of sail and basioisk books of C. As books go, this is by no means epic, it is fairly straight forward, though there are times when the science can overtake the story somewhat, but mostly to help explain the manoeuvres in space.

View all 22 comments. It was all-competence, all the time.

On Basilisk Station

I decided to try this series out and found that it’s not for me, unless it improves later on as some series do. Also, the setting is interesting atation very detailed. One moment she was here, in Manticore space; the next she was there, six hundred light-minutes from the eavid named Basilisk, just over two hundred and ten light-years distant in Einsteinian space.

As the crew got to know the real Honor, so did I, and the way they warmed up to her mirrored my own experience while reading about her. The last few chapters, the major space battle, were thrilling. And what’s with the cat obsession?

Weber introduces us to a rather wsber cast, but he fails to give each personality an individual stamp. Still, this is a good story, with good characters with plenty of plot, depth, and action.

And maybe one or two others. There are a few paragraphs that aren’t lavishing praise on Honor or showing how evil her enemies are.