Sword in the Storm tells us about a young hero, Connavar of the Rigante. Burdened by the thought of his father being a cow [ ]. Fierce and proud, the Rigante dwell deep in the green mountain lands, worshiping the gods of air and water, and the spirits of the earth. Among. Sword In The Storm . David Gemmell mountains of Caer Druagh, where the Rigante tribe dwell in harmony with the land and its gods.

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More about David Gemmell It has been rising forever and will rise forever no matter what we do or do not do. Sword in the Storm Rigante, Book 1 By: Arian’s one trait is promiscuity, which only exists so Connavar can inexplicably be faithless at the eleventh hour.

It is not war that leads to murderous excuses but hate. Yet in one awesome night, the invincible Daroth had vanished from the face of the earth.

If you want to experience epic fantasy, sword and sorcery at its very best and delve into an outstanding creation beyond all imagination, then I urge you to discover the roots of the most widely-read and sdord loved genre; for it is authors such as David Gemmell that ignited a passion and the enthusiasm for fantasy and great literature. Thus he receives a name that will strike fear into the hearts of friend and foe alike–a name proclaiming a glorious and bitter destiny.

If i could re-live but one day in my life, it would be the day that I read of our dear Conn, going off the rails and killing This is only the beginning of his perilous journey… Inn he be able to live up to his reputation and dreams, or will his inner demons consume him? To the fox, he just had a meal to sustain his life.

David Gemmell Rigante Series | SFF Chronicles forums

What they discover, instead, is a sea composed of the tears of survivors and a passion for bringing hope. Someone with a very nice feminine voice just can’t mimic gruff male warriors. Gemmell is obviously an expert on anything medieval, from obvious things like sieges and vassals, to impressive details like the discovery of the leather strap…. Waldo, they are all good and most of the people here like Gemmells works, ok he has written 1 or 2 literally below average novels, but Gemmell writing bad is like some other authors really writing well.


Whether you are an avid reader of the fantasy genre or simply someone who delights in powerful, affecting prose this author whose accomplished ability and remarkable depth of meaning tha An epic tale of undying love, heroic courage and ultimate sacrifice that is breathtakingly beautiful and uniquely imaginative.

If I ever forget what good storytelling is, then I can safely turn to David Gemmell for a sterling reminder. The writing is good but very simple, there wasn’t a lot of complexity to the technical aspect of the writing but the story was still well thought out and fully developed.

I can’t believe I waited so long to read a book by him. This is a classic sword and sorcery swlrd that is every bit epic in sense and scope. Jan 30, Pages Thf. Her voice is very easy to listen to and, although her accents are based more in Bristol than the highlands, I soon found her storytelling very engaging.

Preview — Sword in the Storm by David Gemmell. Gemmell’s books are always hard to review, because it’s hard to explain why they’re great.

I do not have issues with Adjoa in that a female is reading this, not how I would expected this to be, but nevertheless fine by me. Gemmell’s ability to draw an intense and gripping story through the ability swrod make his character’s ‘human’ was the best I’ve ever come across.

This is a solid book.

Sword in the Storm

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? At the time of his death, Gemmell was writing the final novel in an alternative-history trilogy based upon the legend of the siege of Troyhaving completed 70, words. When faced with a looming fate he cannot ignore, he must rise beyond anything he’s ever known The great parts David Gemmell does write a great hero fantasy.

He later admitted that the book “was so bad it swodd curdle milk at 50 paces. The consistent presence of redemption in Gemmell’s work reflected his Christian beliefs. The act of heroism almost costs Conn his life, but Ruathain arrives and saves the children just in time.


That is the best part. We all know who David was eluding to in the tribes and people’s in this book.

Excellent character development, excellent action and battle scenes, and a compelling story line, This is the first book in the Rigante series, which introduces us to Connavar, a hero in the stom mold.

But in between, Tae, we live. Sep 17, Rob rated it liked it. Content warning for sure, so be warned.

Sword in the Storm | David Gemmell Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This book has made me a huge fan of David Gemmell. Yet despite that, we see a legendary warrior still mourning his wife.

In Troy they find a city torn apart by destructive rivalries – a maelstrom of jealousy, deceit and murderous treachery. A pacifistic priest forced to slay numerous enemies. I feel so rude writing this and maybe I’m out of line and perhaps my opinion is skewed by my love of the book but I won’t be downloading the rest.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Riganate series and seeing where Connavan ends up.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I always envisaged Con to be a strong and quite a commanding personality, well not to me with that accent. Connavar swotd, the future leader of the Riganteis born on a stormy night in the settlement of Three Streams. Forums New posts Search forums. Are the series connected?

David Gemmell

dxvid Gemmell first attempted writing a novel in the s, but The Man from Miami failed to find a publisher. In all three, we have legendary warriors, towering men who can stand at the center of a battle and survive through sheer skill and will.

Look here for more of Gemmells work http: I will go on to the next book immediately. Similiar to what I learned from many of his best works, that beautiful thing called ‘hope’.