I’ve re-read the Belgariad/Mallorean and the Elenium/Tamuli so many times since I originally .. The Ruby Knight by David Eddings, 1, 2, Apr 13, AM. The Elenium is a series of fantasy novels by David Eddings. The world of the Elenium was the second fully realized fantasy world crafted by the Eddingses, and. The Elenium: The Diamond Throne The Ruby Knight The Sapphire Rose [David Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Now for the first .

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They are wonderfully easy to read and contain enough cynicism to keep them from spilling over into cheese. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Finally the knight Sparhawk had come to possess Bhellion, the legendary jewel of magic. And the prologue is a fictitious legend that runs rampant over xkcd’s “too many fantasy names” rule of thumb.

Mr Eddings has no such concerns; you know where you are, who the good guys and the bad guys are, and boy, do the bad guys get what they deserve However, most of the villains come dzvid as chronically incompetent.

The Diamond Throne by David Eddings

View all 3 comments. As with all of Mr. I liked this trilogy better than the sequel trilogy. I love that Faran, Sparhawk’s horse, plays such a great role.

The Elenium The Tamuli. Refresh and try again. It has plot, pacing, action, and character development. He breaks almost every rule I’ve heard of from writers workshops or books on writing.

Other books in the series. It does not neatly finish, like some multi-volume fantasy works do.


The Diamond Throne

These books are quickly becoming addicting ecdings I can’t say that I’m complaining. Many moons ago I read the Belgariad which is an easy flowing wonderful read with well formed characters, an easy style and a well considered magical system. She was eight when Sparhawk left. Jan 06, Alexandra Engellmann rated tue really liked it Shelves: David Eddings works his magic once again. David Eddings craft as a writer comes to the fore.

The Diamond Throne by David Eddings book review

I have finished yet another re-read of The Ruby KnightMr. We also have the ‘guiding mother sorceress’ Polgara reshaped as Sephrenia, the woman who instructs the Pandion Re-read after a decade away.

Together with his fellow Okay, this is when Eddings started to just get silly. Plot conundrums that are solved by literal dues ex machinas. When provoked, Sparhawk was not the most reasonable of men. Arrows, large rocks, burning pitch – that sort of thing.

Even the most pious knight doesn’t pull punches about death. It’s an amusing middle piece. Blood Song Anthony Ryan 8. Books by David Eddings. It’s nice to see a horse as a character. On the other hand, the characters are archetypically-familiar without being cardboard cutouts, the main character’s just a darling, and even though Eddings’s prose is clunky in places, his ability to juggle multiple strands of plot is a delight to watch on a technical level and just favid interesting on the readerly level.

I have read the series several times now and have them in hard back as well. I might actually hurt myself before the copy to the sequel to this book gets to my house in the mail. See all 3 questions about The Elenium…. No reservations regarding their own safety? But it’s been missing for years and one of the multiple Elder Gods, Azash, wants to find it as well.


Indeed, Eddigs lies magically entombed within a block of crystal, doomed to die unless a cure can be found within a year.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. After curing the Queen of her illness, the knights ride for Chyrellos to prevent the Primate of Cimmura from ascending the throne of Archprelate. It’s never elnium when you start to notice things like that, it’s like a public speaker who can’t stop saying “um. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. There is also Platime, a criminal who ‘has commited every crime except barratry deliberately wrecking his ship ‘ and gets a pardon for it.

If you are going to read Eddings stick to the Belgariad books. You also get to see a lots of the past history of the land and the characters which also adds to the overall palimpsest that is depicted throughout the book! Raven’s Shadow Anthony Ryan 9. It’s still a good read, but the plot eddigs a bit too “go here; chase clue; repeat”.

Views Read Edit View history. Sparhawk has a zero tolerance approach to BS which is immensely refreshing and enjoyable.