Dynamic Forms Demonstration 18 – Offering Payment Options to Users using . This demonstration illustrates advanced workflow functionality within Dynamic. However with Dynamic Forms or Dynamic Registration tokens should be encapsulated inside of ‘$(Token)’. So if you’re passing a Token into a.

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As a first step you need to generate a SSL certificate for your domain name.

Data Springs, Inc. – dynamic forms

We purchased this module after looking into many others available for DotNetNuke. This form module easily integrates with the leading email services such as aWeber, iContact, etc. New ‘Quick Stats’ feature – A new info icon can appear next ofrms each field to display the fields short field name.

However, the option value has to be either PayPal or Authorizenet as you can see in the images below: Dyna,ic product comes with excellent features, good ease of use and exceptional technical support.

As an inexperienced DNN user I received prompt and professional support from this module support folks. Easy to install, configure, and use!

Maybe confirm that they entered a valid dynqmic or check a custom database table to see if they should continue?

Licensee acknowledges that this is only a limited nonexclusive license. On top of this, it gives your users options to update their own custom data quickly, which they’ve never even had access to before. These guys at this company clearly understand their customer’s use The date field type now allows for jQuery enhancements for more interactive options.


Show More I have been using Dynamic forms for many versions. Based on torms certain short field names you will be able to generate child portals and allow the user currently submitting the form the ability to be the administrator of that child portal. It can also be disabled if preferred. Dynamic forms is a mixed bag. Show More Great module, even better customer service. Multiple new enhancements have now been added in the View Form Results datssprings.

From display options to validation options to form completion events this module has it all.

Dynamic Forms 7.0

This product did everything I need. The most important element in creating your completion events here is making the right choice when selecting the dynamic field and the user response that triggers the event. As you can see in the image below, the question is “Mode of Payment” but the short field name is PGateway. Also extended date field types view demo. Use a mask edit or watermark on your fields.

Show More Perfect to work as it is!!!. We had some extra needs – everything excellent done by data springs. Show More I have been using Dynamic Registration since version 2.


Most people don’t realize how complex even a small form can be. That was all I wanted!

Show More Very easy to use and great tech support. Show More This module is hands down the best registration module out there. I’ll use this on all of my sites going forward.

Thanks Chad and Candace for all of your help and for Not with this module. It was the best I could get done in my time frame and had hired help to get it done “quickly”. Fantastic SQL intergration, creative question events and many great options for what happens when the user hits ‘submit’. Licensee may not sell, distribute, or package for sale named Software.

New option to hide the module based on a querystring variable to support more complex work flow scenarios when integrating with other modules. I bought this because of the paypal integration and could never make that feature work. It does everything I wanted and more.