Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture (Marxism and Culture) [Gregory Sholette] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . The book Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture, Gregory Sholette is published by Pluto Press. Gregory Sholette (Goodreads Author) This book shows that these marginalised artists, the ‘dark matter’ of the art world, are essential to the survival of the.

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Printed Matter, Inc.

The human race is witnessing a turning point, a splintering if you will, of its own moral and spiritual evolution. Precariat – combination of the words “precarious” and “proletariat”, referring to a class of workers who experience little dafk no job security or control over labor, lacking consistent living wage or certainty of employment, typically holding multiple dead-end part-time jobs at one time to make ends meet [there’s nothing new about that first part, but it’s the later that feels more contemporary or, at least, sounds a lot like most of the people I know].

We are its dead capital. It would be a shame if the readership was limited and did not include policy makers and those of us in and around other sectors of the cultural industries. Dec 06, Sholettw rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Who is shplette sit back and judge intrinsic worth by placing a monetary figure on it?

Sholette provides an invigorating if not occasionally dense investigation into collective and collaborative creative practice in the primarily American “Left”. Denton Peter McCabe rated it liked it Aug 29, The Missing Mass 1.

Published by Pluto Press in Nov It may be flawed and partial, but it represents a good start towards developing a discourse that I think needs to embed itself outside of the academy — within the fields of dark matter itself. Focusing on artists and work from the last thirty years which intelligently and actively seek alternatives to the entrenched “Art World” and “citadel culture”, Sholette pinpoints useful critiques and operating points for artists currently grappling with the challenge of working critically from a radical political perspective.


Preview — Dark Matter by Gregory Sholette.

History That Disturbs the Present 4. Art is big business, with some artists able to command huge sums of money for their works, while the vast majority are ignored or dismissed by critics.

Emilie Sciarli rated it really liked shokette Jul 13, Low art dark matter is considered all art that is out there but relatively unknown by the general public but known on a much smaller scale.

Nov 06, C. Amid all this, Scholette has a light touch and explores complex and demanding issues in an accessible way with a commendable avoidance of the dense often impenetrable language and exclusionary jargon as well as the tendentiousness that can gregorg mar this area of work. Matrer Fetterolf rated it really liked it Dec 09, Sholette has invented a useful term that might well be taken up, and gives us a sporadic view of resistance through political art, but his style of authorship in Dark Matter is too conventional.

Fewston rated it liked it. When that day comes, Americans will wake up with eyes no longer disillusioned by their own greatness.

This mahter shows that these marginalised artists, the ‘dark matter’ greggory the art world, are essential to the survival of the mainstream and that they frequently organize in opposition to it. Xciansemf rated it really liked it Jan 28, Or, perhaps, these are two sides of the will to power in the oral realm, the struggle from below.

Dark Matter by Gregory Sholette | Gregory Sholette Artist/Writer/Activist NYC

Ryder rated it really liked it Jun 03, Refresh and try again. Di-ay rated it really liked it Mar 05, Critical is derived, snolette course, from crises.

Want to Read saving…. Open Preview See a Problem? How can one place such a value on art? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The key question may be how any such institution could maintain its revolutionary integrity whilst carrying out such a task.

Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture

A global study of dark matter would sholetye the kind of team effort and resources that go into compiling a major dictionary or encyclopaedia. In his exquisite and theoretically informed style Gregory Sholette investigates the problematic functions of art practices in the processes of neoliberal appropriation, but above all the wild, explosive and deterritorialising lines that are drawn in the dark matter between art and politics’ – Gerald Raunig is a philosopher and art theorist who lives in Vienna, Austria.


This book is essential for anyone interested in interventionist art, collectivism, and the political economy of the art world. Nights of Amateurs Notes Bibliography Appendix: I had been quietly suffering through a couple years of creative “low” when I read this book, and the suggestions and examples the author provides hit very close to home in a welcome way.

These are from the last paragraphs of my long review over at Mute: Digital technology also functions like mattfr prosthetic memory permitting the excluded to document and narrate ephemeral, every day activities and overlooked forms of expression or resistance. Bill Gusky rated it really liked it Apr 19, The issues he explores are essential for better understandings of changing character of labour in the contemporary neo-liberal world and its pervasive enterprise culture; all the more so as immaterial labour grows in profile and become increasingly important policy makers at local, regional, national and supra-national levels.

This has not been stated eark well by any other writer. He is the author of Art and Revolution.

Dark Matter by Gregory Sholette: Mass Artistic Resistance to the Neoliberalization of Everyday Life

I believe the world needs art now more than ever. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

And the human race is evolving, waking up, taking to the streets now more than ever. The aim of this book is to raise an inevitable question: Anna rated it liked it Apr 02,