Unfortunately the performance of DansGuardian/Squid when first .. for rebuilding DansGuardian, see question Usage#11c in the Wiki FAQ. DansGuardian is an award winning Open Source web content filter which currently runs on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X. DansGuardian is an award winning Open Source web content filter which DansGuardian is excellent at filtering pages from the Internet as it . Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License or later.

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To keep your setup uncomplicated you could use two groups. With Squid out of the way, we can finally get on to dcoumentation filter, DansGuardian.

But if you can do only one thing, tune for minimal swapping.

Dansguardian-panel – SME Server

Dansgjardian a list of what’s needed for some but by no means all blacklists:. You’ll need an IPtables instruction to grab all traffic that comes in to port 80 from your workstations and redirect it to the DansGuardian input port in ShoreWall syntax: Added filter group support so different filtering settings can be used for different groups of users.

Basically all you need to do is the following: You can check if dansguardian is running with:. Use the Linux ‘cron’ facility to schedule automatic frequent execution of the script every day? Often Squid will at first seem to run fine, but when DansGuardian is also added and the system is loaded, overall performance will suffer dramatically.

Bellow are two documenhation to install DansGuardian with Squid or Privoxy. Double-check that no unnecessary applications are running, double-check that no GUI X11 etc. DansGuardian Documentation Wiki You are here: Privoxy Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, manipulating cookies and modifying web page data and HTTP headers before the page is rendered dansguarian the browser.


It causes each child process to commit suicide after processing that number of requests.


Check that in dansguardian. Customizing the Block Page. Configure the proxy probably Squid as necessary to obtain and then check the information this can be very different for different types of auth, may involve tricky issues because checking passwords is so security conscious, and often requires complex configuration and testing – follow the test procedures recommended by Docukentation, which usually don’t involve DansGuardian or even the all of Squid.

For example, this allows you to have one set of filter settings for students and a less strict set of settings for staff. Here is the excerpt from the dansguardian. Edit the file as you see fit, commenting out lines for things you don’t want to be blocked.

While checking the contents of a page will block or allow if these phrases are found. What it means is that memory readings right after booting or restarting the filter are not very useful.

At Branch District Library we added all the major web mail providers to exceptionsitelist so that emails would never get blocked, for example.

Here is a sample of the most relevant portions of a dansguardianf N.

Using more than one blacklist simultaneously can provide several benefits: Maximum Size of file allowed to be uploaded default is -1 no restrictions or enter a size in kb’s eg. This limitation is understandable. The browser asks you for credentials, you type what you think are valid credentials, there’s no error message, but the credentials aren’t actually accepted and your request is denied.

Such constructs are never necessary; there’s always a way to construct a better regular expression that does the same thing but without exacting the exponential performance penalty.

A word from the Dan behind DansGuardian, Please read http: They either allow or deny a dansguadrian depending on the settings. Installation Squid Install clamav-freshclam, iptables, DansGuardian and squid: Another option —as above— is to modify the Squid NTLM authentication helper program a little bit to okay rather than reject all authentication requests for usernames in domains it doesn’t eansguardian about.


This works by default with the Internet Explorer IE browser, and can also be made to work with the Firefox browser. The number of child processes is controlled by quite a few …children settings in dansguardian. We’ll start with the master configuration files.

One possibility that might provide even higher performance is moving the webcache and the A-V temp space to high quality SSDs Solid State Disks or hybrid storage devices. So long as the helper says it’s okay, Squid will accept it, and DansGuardian will accept it too. You’ll notice that none of these factors actually deals with images per se.

Language and Encoding Effects on Phrase Matching. Squid Squid is a proxy server and web cache daemon. What has happened is the additional RAM usage of DansGuardian has caused swapping to become routine, thus affecting Squid. To address both of these concerns, you can tweak the way DansGuardian filters pages. Check all the DNS -related entries in squid.

The simplest way to set up traffic shaping may be with Shorewall. Hardware capabilities change so fast that carefully vetted guidelines would become obsolete in a year and downright misleading in two years. From some older release notes: What exactly is the name and location of the switch to turn on tagging in the urlblacklist.