Hi there sorry if this is an easily answered question, but I’ve just recently gotten into orks, but I can’t seem to find the rules for the. Search The Waagh! or Warseer for Dakkajet Rules, Dakkadakka doesn’t allow posting them. The will be in the new White Dwarf Issue. Every Ork pilot wants “more dakka” on their Dakkajet and the rules allow for it, but there’s no standard way of doing it in the kit. Once again, it’s.

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Given my personal experiences, I don’t think the Dakkajet is going to be worth it.

Of course, you can potentially scatter away and hit nothing, but if you do hit something, including vehicles they get lascannon hits.

Against AV12 the dakka jet obviously is worse at destroying, but still better at suppressing. Sounds like a blast? How is the KFF going to be measured for this thing? Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. So, unless you are rolling a snake eyes which might still result in a lot of things dyingdaakkajet have a pretty reliable anti-tank platform here.

Following the bigbomm FAQyou probably don’t get do reduce rulds by BSbut missing a vehicle with 1d6 is hard, and one third are hits anyways. There are 3 of them in a unit which means 3 pens rather than just 1. Even though the idea rulse it is cool and they seem like they can dish out quite a hurt, it seems they would lack survivability and I say this because for points you can field about two Deffkopters in daakkajet place; and six of them in place of 3 of the rulees. The problem is, they seem to add more of the same to what we already have, lots and lots of anti infantry.

I can also do well in reserve. What do you guys think? To me, it seems that if you are running Dakkajet, you are running a list with vehicle and a big mek Only useful for this one though imo and then turn around and blast another vehicle with S6 and S5 into it’s rear.


Ork Flyer Magnetised for Dakkajet, Burna-bommer and Blitza-bommer. – Album on Imgur

I think it’ll all be down to just how easy one army can deal with them compared to ruules and we’ll only know that once 6th hits. Reserving them is also possible, as 36″ flat out moves to answer your queston are bound to get them to where they are needed when they arrive. In addition to the range, not being open topped also makes them much harder to take out with small arms.

People are already crying how random boom bombs are, but are missing the point really. I don’t think cover will be an issue. Seems too expensive – points for an array of one-shot weappons and a pair of weapons great at killing light infantry doesn’t cut it. Then again, the fact you can shake one with a bolter doesnt bode well for them, so they’d stil probably die I know it’s not much, but the fact that two of rles big players at my store both think they’ll be a threat is a good sign.

With nine strength 6 shots? I love the models, heck I’m even planning out the Ork Army I’ve always wanted to field because of them and throwing my Eldar aside for now. As all ork anti-infantry shooting, completely ineffective against MEQ.

Grendel your a genius. Is this thing supersonic? I’m kinda tired of GW coming out with all kinds of new things all the time when they can’t even keep their codicies updated. Might be seeing more Weirdboyz, more Waaagh! Mainly, I think, because I just dakkjaet the idea of ork fighter pilots yes, Deff Skwadron is one of my favorite comics ever and the rules are looking interesting.

Then I mentioned the dakka jet and how I couldn’t wait to get one, both look back and start reading the rules, and got very excited.

Ork Flyer Magnetised for Dakkajet, Burna-bommer and Blitza-bommer.

For a guy like me whons just getting together an ork army, only spending 50bucks for an effective FA slot sounds way better than having to drop over a bucks for a less awesome yet more proven model. Kharrak Mutilatin’ Mad Dok. Now, I don’t play Orks, so maybe points isn’t a lot, but I wonder how many Boyz you could have for that much?


These flyers really do have me worried – I think we’re about to see a huge change in the way 40K plays. They are very close either way, so it even might boil down to them being equals and a pure matter of taste.

This had the trade off of also making them harder to line up consistantly against targets of worth. The dakkajet can move 12 or 13″ and shoot everything, so it can keep up with a kff mek in a wagon. Its a shame you can’t squadron them like vendettas, it’d be nice to take it to the Imp Guard players who overload on them at tournaments!

However, the other vehicles gets no less than an automatic lascannon hit – last time I checked lascannons were good at destroying ruls, I really don’t see much of a downside. If thats the case, all you would need to do rulee get a cheap model airplane and a vendetta base and you’d have 2 or 3 of em for dirt cheap. I had a Weirdboy in my previous list and now it ties in and makes it even stronger I’m happy Now to make him tie in with the whole Orkie squadron theme Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: If they’re playing 2 of the toughest armies in the game right now and they’re concerned about it, these might be handy afterall I play Urles Angels, so my opinion stems mostly from having used the Stormraven.

You also don’t hide your buggies most of time, because both the ugly original and the common deff kopta conversion usually can’t shoot when hidden. Rupes problem is the av10 and the other side willbe motivated to kill the jet before it can take advantage of a waaaaaaaaaaagh.

The Blitza-Bommer in particular looking like it could provide orks with some much-needed anti-tank support. These guys routinely go to the big tourneys, and know a good amount about most armies and what they tend to bring at the big games.