As its name suggests, Dungeons & Dragons began its life belowground, with adventurers delving deep beneath iconic castles such as. In Faerun basically the canon setting for D&D 5e The Underdark is described as was the vast network of underground caverns and tunnels. Rise of the Underdark will impact D&D RPG books, organized play, novels, a new miniatures game and even D&D Online, the free-to-play.

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The bottom corners of the city are rounded, making it look as though it had been built in a half pipe. Dead center in the network of low halls that make up Drik Hargunen is a large space containing hundreds of sliding shelves, packed tightly together.

The less the illithids are seen, the less trademasters will fear them. This once-mighty realm fell into darkness in DR, at the same time that the elven realm of Eaerlann was swept away by fiends boiling forth from the city of Ascalborn.

Jeff Quick Goodreads Author. The presence of the phaerimm, however, prevents most fortune-seekers from venturing into this portion of the Underdark, and very little is known of any particular sites or cities here.

There is no unified underground government since each individual city-state has a different form of rule.

Trespassing in Cairnfieim, or in any place that the Dodkong claims, is punishable by death. Since uniting to put down Thalynsar, underdrak Concord of Elders has begun to realize the necessity of cooperation. The Speleosa has established arrangements with water and air elementals to bring in those substances and remove waste on a daily basis, making Earth’s End one of the most livable places in the Lowerdark.

Since none of them care about the same things, they were able to live fodgotten relative harmony for a while.

Underdark (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Accessory)

They reproduced so that someone would be around to command the skum slaves, but since all aboleths share the same memories as their progenitors, the new aboleths also began to lose themselves in astral memories. Beneath the High Moor eralms the drow city of Eryndlyn. A nice old Greyhawk Underdark map. All this information is etched by hand into these metal pages in ornate, formal Dwarven.


The town hosts very few Material Plane visitors who come to them directly from the surrounding Underdark, and the Speleosa would rather not advertise the existence of Earth’s End to the illithids, drow, or aboleths in the vicinity. In many places, anyone who isn’t of the dominant race is either a visitor or a slave.

Thalynsar transformed itself and several other illithids into illithiliches, and together these new elders devoured the elder brain.

Using mighty magic, they managed to conceal their presence from the rest of the world for almost forty unserdark. Espera CE female earth genasi necromancer 17 despises the living and loves the dead.

Pruet has forced the goblins to worship Hruggek rather than Maglubiyet, but this change of allegiance hasn’t proven to be a problem so far. Thus far, the dracolich and the vampire have not been in conflict, but tensions are rising.

The overcrowded quaggoths are restless and violent, and they attack any non-illithid that approaches. His cave is little different from the others, with walls of unworked stone and ledges that are used haphazardly as tables and shelves. Some of them have odd nonsensical entry requirements. Afterward, the drow attempt to identify the gems ethereally and sell them in Mantol-Derith or Menzoberranzan.

Underdark by Bruce R. Cordell

Bookgnome rated it really liked it Jan 01, Chaschara refused to claim the throne, instead declaring herself Lady Protector of the Realm. When does a Grassland turn into a Desert? The Underdark is “a vast subterranean realm inhabited by drowmindflayersabolethand other strange, sinister creatures.

Lying hidden under the Orsraun Mountains near Turmish, at a depth of about 2 miles, Drik Hargunen is a forbidding temple city devoted to the worship of Laduguer, the patron of the gray dwarves.

Despite the clarity of Hargun’s original vision, Drik Hargunen’s purpose has drifted over the last few decades. A stand of trees is not a forest, even if it contains everything you’d find in the forest. Several of these works have been particularly notable. In the century since the elder brain’s death, almost two-thirds of the city’s mind flayers have died or abandoned the settlement for brighter prospects elsewhere.


Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Non-duergar in Drik Hargunen are few, but they live unmolested as long as they follow the rules.

In fact, he seeks interested parties who tealms consent to aid him in striking a dire blow to the Lolth-worshipping drow of Guallidurth. The wererats now number twenty-five, and they aggressively ambush any undsrdark parties of treasure-seekers sometimes drow, sometimes surface folk that wander into Blingdenstone.

Vr’tark LE male mature adult blue dracolich had the misfortune while alive of becoming the target of a cult that wished to make him into a dracolich. This special guard numbers 44 gray dwarf monks of at least 4th level. This place gives many earth elementals their first exposure to daylight, and visiting surface dwellers often appreciate borrowing space here to make plans, eat, or relax.

While dangerous to inexperienced adventurers, such unerdark are not particularly threatening to skilled delvers of the Underdark. Outsiders are allowed to conduct research within the library, but they must submit reams written treatise of request in Dwarven specifying their interest and intent, and all materials may be handled only by runescribe librarians. At the same time, there’s that element of unexamined social assumptions.

Shortly after its fall, three separate groups moved into the space and began reallocating its resources.

The Underdark: What is it? : dndnext

When the city collapsed, Krashos was on its bottom layer. Members of her House knew of her heresy, but they were waiting realns use the secret against her at some future point.

It does, therefore, matter whether the players are considered forgottwn the Underdark or not. The caverns for miles around it are rich in gemstones, gold, and copper. The city has no aperture that could be traditionally defined as an entrance or exit, and none of its main caverns known as pockets are connected by tunnels.