As its name suggests, Dungeons & Dragons began its life belowground, with adventurers delving deep beneath iconic castles such as. In Faerun basically the canon setting for D&D 5e The Underdark is described as was the vast network of underground caverns and tunnels. Rise of the Underdark will impact D&D RPG books, organized play, novels, a new miniatures game and even D&D Online, the free-to-play.

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The earth genasis tolerate no foolishness from Material Plane dwellers – one warning is all a visitor gets before exile.

Preview — Underdark by Bruce R. Somewhat incongruously, lawbreakers are also kept here on the soft grass.

The Underdark: What is it? : dndnext

Instead, they spend their time in a state of stupor, reveling in intoxicating memories taken years ago from some astral travelers. Once a thriving city gorgotten rock gnomes located beneath the hills north and east of Waterdeep, Dolblunde was abandoned more than six hundred years ago after the fall of Phalorm, the Realm of Three Crowns.

For more than a century, Deep Imaskar suffered at the hands of these ruthless necromancers, but in DR a charismatic champion by the name of Chaschara led real,s revolt knderdark the necromancer-lords and freed Deep Imaskar.

This is really interesting, so it is anything below the surface, regardless of depth and whether it’s connected to deeper cave systems? The inn is quite expensive, and lodging costs at least a platinum piece per day.

Underdark – Wikipedia

A few hobgoblin tribes have even contracted with Wronsa for regular water deliveries. Deep Imaskar is ruled by a High Lord or Lady Planner, who controls the city through a body of wizards known as the Planners. Though Underdark realms had been featured in adventures and setting books alike, Night Below was the first extensive campaign set beneath the earth.


The leader of the brood is an old aboleth psion named Urdol. The home of the drow was also populated by aberrants such as aboleths, beholders, grells, and mind flayers. Most citizens have at least one permanent unseen servant known as an uskara that performs basic realks and labor. The old architectural style of the Imaskari empire lives on in the bulbous dome structures of Deep Imaskar, which are often connected by arcing bridges.

Underdark (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Accessory)

Descent into the Depths of the Earth was successful forgottfn unveiling the vastness of the world below. An Underdark domain is something like a large island in the surface world.

That’s the correct answer ;- It’s one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” situations. Confused and not very sane, Vr’tark views Hamezaar as his lieutenant and is content to feel that he rules through the vampire. Nongood creatures from the Elemental Plane of Earth caught in it are bent to its evil will.

Natural forests are actually fairly spacious between trees because the older and larger underdatk tree is the more of its surrounding nutrients it consumes. Gravity on the curves and walls of underdar city is “localized” at roughly foot intervals by magical batteries shaped like statues of famous Imaskari wizards of antiquity. This is more like it!

But that may depend on which campaign setting you’re in. He knows his empty threats won’t last long on the offensive, but a few wands and magic rings would be very useful for his schemes. Galeb duhr are stubborn, slow, inedible by most creatures and, most importantly, completely without possessions of value. These poor souls spend most of their time sitting in silence, their minds utterly blank.


Interestingly, cloakers also gain status among their own kind by keeping pets such as darkmantles and lurkers. The two monsters gained a wealth of knowledge from these astral dwellers, including plans for a githyanki raid against the illithid city of Oryndoll. Unlike surface cities, Underdark cities tend to be monocultural.

North and east of Waterdeep lies a large and notorious domain called the Northdark.

The Deep Scrivener is served by an elite order of duergar monks known as the Graven Servants of Laduguer. Gryxt CLE female blue psion 6most powerful psion of the tribe; Driklret CE male blue psion 5, the Overshadow’s spymaster, a psion who spends most of his time pulling the Overshadow’s strings; Pruet CE female bugbear s 6 of Hruggekthe Overshadow’s consort and leading religious figure of the tribe.

Deepburrow houses a thieves’ guild known as the Slickers. His clan is wealthy, and Rurik is more than willing to spend his clan’s money on hiring and equipping competent adventurers to clean out the Fardrimm. Subscription required using via Pages containing links to subscription-only content.

Though its population is quite large for the Underdarkits citizens do not trade with anyone from outside, and they go to great efforts to keep the city’s existence secret from its neighbors.