CS Computer graphics lecture notes ANNA UNIVERSITY CS Computer graphics lecture notes CSE 6TH SEMESTER. computer graphics. Uploaded by. Saravanan Nallusamy. Cg Unit 1 5 Notes. Uploaded by. YeshvanthYesh. CS Computer Graphics UNIT I Notes. Uploaded. CS Computer Graphics. Unit -I. UNIT I – 2D PRIMITIVES Output primitives Line, Circle and Ellipse drawing algorithms – Attributes of output primitives Two.

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What is the minimum amount of video RAM that the computer must have tosupport the above-mentioned resolution and number of colors?

What is a shadow? Computer Science and Engineering. Explain the application ofcomputer graphics. What are the advantages of laser printers? What is a Line cap?

CS Computer Graphics: AU Question Papers

What is Julia sets? Assume 10 cm as the radius and co-ordinate origin as the centre of the circle. Recent electrostatic plotters includes a scan conversion capability.

What are the disadvantages of DDA algorithm? How are mouse data sent to an OpenGL application? Obtain a transformation matrix for rotating an object about a specified pivot point 8. Because eight bits constitute a byte, frame-bu ffer sizes of the systems are as follows: Briefly discuss about logically classification of input devices.

Two layers of phosphor red and green are coated onto the inside of the CRT screen, the displ ayed colors depends on how far the electron beam penetrates into the phosphors layers. Posted by jothimani s at Raster image are stored in image files with varying formats.


Interfaces also display menus and icons grapbics fast selection of processing options or parameter values.

Differentiate between Raster and Vector graphics. They make multiple passes over the paper to plot color pictures. Describe about various three dimensional display methods.

Computer Graphics CS notes – Annauniversity lastest info

Explain how to add texture to faces 8. What do you mean by scan conversion? Explain the merits and demerits of Penetration techniques. Explain anyone visible surface identification algorithm 8. Write down any two line attributes.

This technique only provides four colors. This type of CRT also has three electron guns one for each color dot. Consider two raster systems with the resolutions of x and x Explain in detail about clipping algorithms. What is meant by clipping? What are spline curves? Then after the vertical retrace, the beam sweeps out the remaining scan lines. One phosphor dot emits a red light, another emits green light and the last one emits a blue light. What is orthographic oblique projection?

Obtain a transformation matrix for rotating an object about a specified pivot point. What is polygon clipping? It is an art of drawing pictures, lines.


What are the parameters in the HLS color model? Explain 3D basic transformation with an example. Reflect the given triangle about X axis. Explain the concept of hidden line removal.


In a raster scan displays the electron beam is swept across the screen, one row at a time from top to bottom. Define horizontal as well as vertical retracing. Non-emissive displays use optical effects to convert sunlight or light from some other source into graphics patterns.

Differentiate flat and smooth shading? What are composite monitors? Contrasting in random scan displays the ele ctron beam is directed to the parts of the screen where a picture is to be drawn. The cube is being viewed from point 0, Dividing this value by 8 yields an answer of 1, bytes. The purpose of the display processor is to free the CPU from graphic chores. Therefore better print quality is achieved. Explain in detail Cohen Sutherland algorithm. Write down the shear transformation matrix.

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