Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats Collected by Chet Erez ([email protected]) and Outlands. Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats – Chet Erez’s d20 Read more about bonus, feats, ranks, opponent, improved and combat. It’s a shame it’s too late to make class suggestions as this character’s ripe for factotum (Du ). More levels of wizard would really be a boon.

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Graft Flesh FF You can apply a certain type of graft to other living creatures or to yourself. Earth’s Warding RS You can channel energy to infuse your skin with the strength of the earth. Final Strike Cryetalkeep 34 Your death throes are destructive. Knock-Down SF 7 Your mighty blows can knock foes off their feet. Crytsalkeep Reflexes EL 54 You have tremendously fast reflexes.

Heavy Lithoderms RS You have stony growths on your skin that afford you protection against attacks. Originally Posted by DumbPaladin. Deadly Poison SK Your poison attack deals more damage than normal.

Initiate of Ghaunadaur CR 23 You have learned the dread secrets of the god of oozes, slimes, jellies, and outcasts. I plan on taking some wizard feats I saw somewhere that basically allow me to concentrate for a complete round to gain some sort of arcane charge I can then spend to gain a Dexterity boost, so if you were going to suggest those no thanks, they already got their spot on the build.

Drow Skirmisher RE Your experience with the guerrilla-style combat of the deep jungle grants you mastery of the weapons of the deats. Boomerang Ricochet RE You can strike up to two foes with a single boomerang throw. Epic Spell Penetration EL 54 Your spells are tremendously potent, breaking through spell resistance with ease.


Bowslinger Und 24 You can ready ranged weapons surprisingly quickly. Consecrate Spell Trigger BE 42 You can channel holy power through a spell trigger item, such as a wand or staff. Draconic Resistance CAr 78 Your crysta,keep hardens your body against the energy type of your progenitor. Draconic Claw CAr 77 You develop the natural weapons of your draconic ancestors. Endure Sunlight LM 26 Your vulnerability to sunlight is reduced. Which feats fit this concept?


Gift of Faith BE 43 You have an unusual capacity to trust in divine providence working all things for the good. Chaotic Rage EL 51 Your rage is particularly damaging to lawful creatures. It has been banned from the game since everyone and its grandmother were taking 3 levels in it.

You can learn to cast spells associated with that domain as arcane spells. Epic Fortitude Dr 70 You have tremendously high fortitude.

Obscure Feats

Epic Speed EL 54 You can move much more quickly than a normal person. Celestial Familiar BE 41 As long as you are able to acquire a new familiar, you may receive a celestial as a familiar. Crystalkee; Strike RW You and your animal companion or special mount can coordinate your melee attacks to gain an advantage in combat. Extra Invocation CAr 79 You learn an additional invocation.

Deflect Energy feat

Close-Quarters Fighting CW 97 You are skilled crystapkeep fighting at close range and resisting grapple attempts. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. Improved Control Visage Gh 35 You can change your ghost form’s appearance. Baleful Moan LM 24 Your hollow cry strikes fear into the hearts of the living.

Bolster Resistance LM 25 Undead you raise or create are more resistant to turning than normal. Devastating Critical Dr 68 Crystalkdep one type of melee weapon, such as a claw or bite. Danger Sense MH 25 You are one twitchy mother goose. Hindering Song EL 57 Your bardic music interferes with opposing spellcasters.

Damage Reduction EL 52 You can shrug off some damage from attacks. Will this character enter play at level 20, or are you planning ahead? Alluring SaS 38 Others have an inexplicable urge to believe your every word.


Extra Stunning CW 98 You gain extra stunning attacks. Fling Enemy RS When you’re wrestling a crystalekep, you can lift him into the air and hurl him. Flyby Attack Mon 9 The creature can attack on the wing. Ghost Healing Gh 33 You can transfer some of your own ectoplasm to another ghost to heal it.

Earth Fist RS Your bond with the earth and martial training has imbued your fists with the qualities of cold iron. Dreadful Wrath PG 38 You are terrible to behold in battle, and few foes have the ceats to face you without crystalkeepp Dreamsight Elite RE Your dreamsight shifter trait improves.

dnd e – Which feats fit this concept? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Boomerang Daze RE You can daze the targets of your boomerang attacks. Freezing the Lifeblood OA 62 You can paralyze a humanoid opponent with an unarmed attack. Healing Factor MM3 When your current period of shifting ends, you heal a limited amount of damage. Improved Cohort HB 98 You attract a more powerful cohort than you normally would.

Fists of Iron SF 6 You have learned the secrets crystalkerp imbuing your unarmed attacks with extra force. Improved Familiar FRCS 35 So long as you are able to acquire a new familiar, you may choose your new familiar from a nonstandard list.

Heat Endurance Sa 50 Either as a result of growing up in the waste, or by training your body and mind to ignore the effects of searing heat, you can exist with ease in high-temperature environments. Fling Enemy SS 34 You can pick up an opponent and fling it.