CryEngine 3 SDK tutorials covering CryEngine 3 SDK level editor. Creating and Generating Terrain · Paint, Modify, Edit Terrain Manually · Import, Export. We’re continuing our CryENGINE 3 Cookbook giveaway, and giving you Creating a new level; Generating a procedural terrain; Navigating a. Download and unzip the CryENGINE3 to here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Hit OK. Then still within the terrain editor hit the terrain image button with an.

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A common misunderstanding is that you need to add spawnpoints to flowgraph in order for them to work, this is not true. Getting good pictures for texturing Basic Textures Aug 27 As you can see in the teerrain below, with a little practice, it is possible to create realistic and interesting terrain.

CryEngine 3 SDK: Navigation, Interface, Viewports Tutorial

In terrajn tutorial we cover how to navigate around CryEngine, interface functions to get started and viewport configurations. Because there are many steps involved, we will only skim the surface of these steps but you will find links to articles with more detail on these topics as we go.

You can see from the new settings we’re getting a bit closer:.

If you have any questions you can message Now that we’ve got our level created, we can notice two basic elements that are in the world, Ocean and Terrain. From there he goes into many other topics including decals, roads, prefabs, archetypes, placing automated doors and ropes, setting up sounds, using voxels, creating an entire cave scene, viz areas, environment cubemaps, reflections, clouds, materials and much more.


Creating a nice terrain setup is a good, first step in the creation of a level. We are going to talk about the the differences between a Geom Entity and Brushes.

CryEngine 3 SDK: Navigation, Interface, Viewports

Frequency How often the noise effect is applied. Click on “New Level” to get tutoriao with a new level. Now that we’ve got a basic terrain setup, lets add some textures. Hello everybody, this is the 17th Cryengine 3 sdk tutorial. If you have set a positive height in the Height slider, the terrain will move up whilst a negative number set in the Height slider will move the terrain down.

Tutorials – CryENGINE 3

Reposition Vegetation Checking this check box will re-align vegetation with the terrain as it is edited, keeping the vegetation on top. For information on this, please see the Terrain Import and Export article.

Here, you can change the heightmap of the level by modifying the Heightmap Resolution setting and Meters Per Unit setting. Post tutorial RSS Tutorials. Duplication and distribution is illegal and strictly prohibited.

You can name your level something different to its filename, if you like.

If you have any questions you Close down the Launcher and head back into the Editor remember you can leave the Editor open and run the Launcher at the same time, but Exporting will require the level not be loaded in Launcher. When using this option only the terrain is changed, and objects and vegetation must either be deleted or moved to the new location.


For now, load up the level. Note that vehicle entities don’t show up they’re intended to move in the level and shouldn’t put drawn into the minimap texture so some brushes and a river were added. We’ll get to that in a bit. If your level was x 1m yerrain this level, move the skydome’s pivot to ,0 so that its directly in the center of the level.

Because we’re only using a single terrain layer with one color, that’s going to mean our generated texture will be extra sensitive to compression artifactsso set the Terrain Color Multiplier to ‘8’ to compensate, then click OK. The Smooth brush makes a sharp terrain smoother and softer.

Level Creation Quick Start – CRYENGINE 3 Manual – Documentation

In the Perspective viewport, click and hold down the mouse button and move the mouse pointer around to smooth an area of terrain. Most tutorials of those issues are made for free from amateurs with plenty of workflow mistakes or non deep knowledge of the engine.

Now, with the left mouse button, click in the viewport and you’ll start to flatten out the terrain to a height of 64m. Hardness How strong the effect of the brush is, the higher the value, the stronger the effect.