Lisa Jane Smith is an American author of young adult fiction best known for her best-selling series The Vampire Diaries, which has been turned into a successful . The Vampire Diaries – Crónicas Vampíricas – 4 Invocación – L. J. Smith Pide el libro en [email protected] DAMON EL RETORNO CRONICAS VAMPIRICAS 5 LISA JANE SMITH SIGMARLIBROS.

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She also likes to collect things: Lee High School whose only goal in life is to get boys. Jul 15, Haydee Gallardo. Immediately I make my dad take me to the bookstore in the mall so he can buy me the rest of the series. I had to bid on smtih for this baby!

The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries, #1) by L.J. Smith

Aug 20, Sinaminviv rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now this is a book that deserves the DNF I’m giving it. I think the first book was my favorite, but I totally loved Damon in the second one. Vsmpiricas gets a little more ruthless in this book.

No, I’m not reading it. Come vampricas unico esprimo anche un commento unico ai volumi il risveglio, la lotta, la furia, la messa nera. I just wish Elena wasn’t the MC, she’s sooo utterly selfish it’s insane. The Vampire Diaries series was reissued infollowed by reprintings of The Secret Circle trilogy and Night World series in — Ok-since I have already reviewed previous books in this vapiricas, I will keep this brief.


But this book just started off super bloody confusing. I would say at least give the first 2 or 3 books a read and see if they are your cup of tea, but don’t expect them to be like the show at all because they are two different beasts.

She has a really nice boyfriend, Matt; view spoiler [Who is a monster as well. The Vampire Diaries doesn’t really have too many adult themes. Oh, Stephenie Meyer, now I know how you cranked out those three fat should have been heavily edited books in such a short span of time!

Not to mention, I think he and Bonnie would have been better together than Bonnie and Matt thank goodness nothing was technically official with that though.

Elena already has a really hot, popular, and kind boyfriend? There is no developement, it’s just given from the author.

This book pales in comparison crknicas the show.

Estuche cronicas vampiricas: Despertar / Conflicto / Furia / Invocacion / Damon el retorno

Such a pathetic MC! I’m thinking that I made a really big mistake. I still liked it well enough, but I will definitely not read the next books. Stuff happens, blah blah blah, after some angst, they finally get together. La forma en la janr van pasando los acontecimientos me parece buena; y como van ligando lo que pasa en el presente con sucesos pasados me parece un buen detalle.


This made me cry. After reading this book for the fifth or sixth time, I still enjoyed it! Fell’s Church United States.

Either way, if you like vampires and want an interesting read, vxmpiricas you absolutely need to pick up this saga. This is the finale of the series and it ended with a bang. Preview — The Awakening by L. It has a good buildup of creepy events, a tragic backstory, high school drama, a creepy atmosphere, a haunted house scene, a mysterious Power, and vampires!!!