Expert marketing advice on Strategy: what are the critics of Ansoff matrix posted by Anonymous, question Limitations of using Ansoff’s Matrix as a decision-making tool. Ansoff’s Matrix is often criticised for being too simplistic as it doesn’t taken into consideration the. Analysis Of Risks And Rewards Marketing Essay. ASSESMENT. Colin Price. Word count: 3,1. Critically evaluate how the Ansoff matrix might be used to assist .

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Ansoff’s Matrix – Advantages and disadvantages table in A Level and IB Business Studies & Economics

Moreover SWOT analysis showed strength and weaknesses of the company where brand name is recognised worldwide and criticism being the weakness. Describe and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this approach togrowth. Moreover Lifebouy was for the people with low earning especially labour Bhaskaran, 2.

Another imperative factor which has significant impact on the operation and decisions of the organisation is economic issues. Unilever nationalised its business in some countries. Appropriate analysis of the organisation. Legislations and policies in local nation. Bansi Nagji; Geoff Tuff. SWOT analysis is useful in terms of watching the current trends and future opportunities of an organisation.

Powerful brand name worldwide. Despite the competitive advantage Unilever profitability is disturbed by EU free trade policy. Various models and theories have been used to analyse the situation of Unilever. Unilever also earlier had expanded to most of Europe and main developing countries and achieved maximum growth in North America.

Fluctuation of interest rates and foreign currency exchange differ from one country to another. However the Europe market suffered low growth where Unilever decided to improve the business strategy through innovation and thus new products were launched in major developing nations. So therefore Unilever has developed its products according to the local needs and desire of the people for instance the detergents were further developed according to the local clothing material used.


This strategic management should continuously be followed and further growth and development with innovation and technology should be further enhanced. These aspects in any business have vast effect on the future strategy development.

Climate change and sickness is the concern of everyone which should be collectively minimised. It can be analysed the matrlx To understand where you stand with respect to your competition, I would suggest.

The Boston Consulting Group has now developed a further matrix to meet this criticism. Moreover the major shift was in the extension of frozen foods and development of ice cream products during 1.

Brand reputation and feedback Company had been alleged for sexual advertising. Ansoff is the perfect model for Unilever to gain knowledge and idea about the environment of growth because since the beginning of Unilever it is consistent and committed for growth and development. In simple words it draws a figure of Unilever of where it was and where it going and thus enables us to make sound forward planning for the betterment and development of the company.

Later Unilever specialised in regulations issues with its contacts with number of business and was able to negotiate with government. It was low profit margin product but however with increased number of market share.

It provide business a mirror through which strategic planning becomes a lot easier and effective. Unilever launched a branded new shampoo called sun silk into xriticism markets which later became the chief shampoo in 1. By considering ways to grow via existing. On the critocism hand according to Alkhafaji 2. Furthermore to improve the standard of living by meeting the demands of the people related to personal care, hygiene and nutrition, so they feel fresh and make the most of their lives.

Unilever consistency to make strategic changes for improvements. Further expansion into other countries. Criticism against the brand. Furthermore government policies for service fees and shares affected the nationalisation methods in 1. Ansoff reflected the existing market and new market emergence furthermore existing and new products into the market.

Internet website ease of use, attractive and appealing.


Research and development is the key while innovation and information technology should not be forgotten at anytime. Ansoff’s matrix; Competitive strategy. This analysis can also be used by the management of the company to reflect upon the position of the company to make right decision. Unilever further owns laboratories around the globe for research and innovation of new products and improve the existing ones. The Ansoff Matrix can help you to measure the risk of specific strategies that you may want to implement in positioning yourself in the market.

However Unilever maintained the environmental safety by reducing the waste upto 5. Hence this model is certainly related to and crucial for Unilever and will analyse the situation of Unilever and provide the management with informed decision for further growth.

The operation of the organisation and product demand can be severely affected and more its costs. It provides gain to the business in terms of globalisation and competitive advantage. It further introduced fish fingers and recyclable products which were successful in US and UK. Anoff just that, the packaging of the margarine was made available in tubes and was also possible to buy spreadable margarine for an ease of easy spread.

Ansoff’s Matrix

Managing Your Innovation Portfolio. Critically evaluate how the Ansoff matrix might be used to assist Unilever’s strategic decisions.

To portray alternative corporate growth strategies, Igor Ansoff presented a matrix that focused on the firm’s present and potential products and markets customers.

Marketing and sales department performance on top of company standards. Therefore strategic management is simply appropriate analysis of the organisation. Persil and other power detergents was developed as a key challenger for the competitors.