Crabwalk has ratings and reviews. Steve said: R.I.P. Günter Grass ( ) Crabwalk, by Günter GrassGünter Grass’ Im Krebsgang appeare. The author of the Tin Drum takes on the worst maritime disaster in history, the sinking of a German cruise ship packed with refugees by a Soviet sub, a. In a novel that has already attracted attention on both sides of the Atlantic, Nobelist Grass (Too Far Afield) employs a compelling vehicle for his latest excursi.

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Prose in peril on the sea

The two groups could have waved to each other. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Paul timidly argues with Him about the format, scope and depth of his book. Pokriefke’s and Grass’s decision to tell histories in parallel – the stories of Gustloff, his assassin, the ship, even the Russian captain who sank it – leads to some laborious sentences that do little more than mark time.

But the Titanic was always remembered as a symbol, not as a tragedy that cost particular lives, even before James Cameron’s film brought it about that the single casualty most mourned, Leonardo DiCaprio’s plucky Irish Romeo, never actually existed.

His young mother-to-be, Tulla Pokriefke born in Danzigand already known to readers from two parts of the Danzig TrilogyCat and Mouse and Dog Yearsfound herself among the more than 10, passengers on the ship and was among those saved when it went down. The dead are now thought to have numbered about 9, of which half may have been children.

The narrator was born on a sinking ship, came out at the same time it went down. His disinclination to take on this project at all speaks volumes about his generation’s reluctance to relive and confront all aspects of the German past.

Crabwalk : Grass, Günter, : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Her son Paul is the first person narrator of the novel. Jan 25, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Not bad for a man who was already in his late sixties when the Net started to spread in earnest, and was 75 by the time the book was published. Never will it end. Actually, he says, his generation should have been the one. We probably can also agree that some of the Germans who died during WWII can be considered innocent victims. The critical reception for the English translation was mixed the Observerin particular, gave it a good kicking.


Were it not for that, I might not have read this book. My problem is that I am not very convinced.

Observer review: Crabwalk by Günter Grass | Books | The Guardian

There is also talk about the civilian victims but evasion of the fact that the ship was also evacuating a U-boat depot. A writer who refuses to avert his eyes from unpleasant truths, he remains an eloquent explorer of his country’s troubled 20th-century history. The novel is yet another powerful reminder of the crabawlk in which failing to honestly confront the lessons and symbols of the past continue to bedevil us.

Each of these viewpoints fight for supremacy, blaming each other for Germany society’s current woes. The crabwakk itself was built for the Nazi Strength through Joy movement, intended to provide ordinary people with leisure and fresh air.

Grass’ message in particular addresses the after-war generation s. In late January,the six million man Red Army had finally pushed the Axis armies into Germany, and looting, burning, rape and murder were the payback for years of the same committed by the Axis powers in the Soviet Union.

Even in the wake of his passing away, Crabwalk is also one of the freshest books to have been published in this new millennium. Grass has found a way to break the silence.

Politically she is difficult to classify, except crabbwalk an extremist: The art of this book is manifested in the tightly woven mesh of so many distinct threads. Sooner or later, Paul must admit the possibility that the webmaster concerned is his own son, Konrad. The story of the Wilhelm Gustloff is certainly a story that needed to be told and Grass took that story in all its’ detail and created so much more.


The narrator who i Crabwalk is clearly not one of the better efforts by Gunter Grass cabwalk Tin Drum is one of the great classics of 20th Century literature. Ich muss mehr von Grass lesen dies war nach “Katz und Maus” mein zweites Buch von ihm.

Tulla is short, thin, white-haired since the sinking of the ship, and attractive to men even into old age. Grass also weaves in details about the Russian sub commander, Aleksandr Marinesko, but the decidedly modern touch is the inclusion of Pokriefke’s son, Konrad, an unbalanced loner who becomes deeply involved with the Web site dedicated to commemorating Gustloff’s “martyrdom” and the vessel Hitler named after him.

Return to Book Page. Crabwalk is full of complaints that this terrible disaster losses hard to estimate, but perhaps approaching 10, has none of the celebrity it deserves. He’s the next generation, with no memory of the event, and he crabwwalk wants to get on with his life, even if what crabwaalk doing isn’t particularly worthwhile.

Via his grasss he forms a love-hate relationship with Wolfgang: Topics Books The Observer. All of these elements can be found in Crabwalk.

In brief, the plot deals with a journalist whose mother was on a Nazi morale ship that was sunk gtass wartime, as well as the journalist’s son, Konny. The book ends against a backdrop of skinhead hate crimes in the late s, forging a link between fascists past and present.