Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for CPS Products LS Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector at Read honest and unbiased . (LS) – Storage case LS LSXE. (LSA, LSB, LSA, LSB) – Earphone. LSXMK. (LSA, LSA) – Maintenance kit • 2 pcs/St. LSXS + 2. Description: CPS LS Detects all CFC- HCFC & HFC refrigerant. Specification: 75 hour battery life using 3 C batteries. LEDs to indicate sensitivity range and.

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An efficient and sensitive gas sensor is combined with solid-state circuitry, which provides an audible alarm that increases in pitch as the concentration of gas increases. Over computer generated tones and a high intensity bar graph display quickly alerts the user to varying halogen concentrations.

Sensor for LS3000 Eliminator Leak Detector

LS – Sensor for LS Combines the most advanced microcomputer circuitry with field proven Ion-pump sensor technology creating a highly sensitive, accurate electronic refrigerant leak detector. Patented Ion-Pump sensor with built-in selective filter ls30000.


Auto OFF after 10 minutes of inactivity. Patented design allows fast, accurate detection of refrigerant leaks maintaining maximum sensitivity throughout the life of the sensor. Designed to monitor a single refrigerant in a single zone providing early warning of costly and environmentally damaging refrigerant leakage.


Replacement sensors are interchangeable enabling the replacement of a failed sensor directly in the field without recalibration, minimizing “downtime. The GS20 is a completely self-contained gas detector designed to pinpoint combustible and toxic gas leaks of various types. Replacement Sensor for Refrigerant Monitor. Compact, highly reliable, yet economical refrigerant leak monitoring lx3000.

The sensor has been extensively field-tested and is sensitive to a broad range of gases, in some cases providing a response at levels as low as 50 ppm. Fully automatic selection allowing detection of a 0. Auto OFF after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector. Highly resistant to background contaminants including heavy condensation, oils, leak solutions, brake oils, radiator coolants, washer fluids, etc.


Arranged in a gearshift pattern, 7 LEDs indicate the current sensitivity range of the unit and subsequent leak size. Patented automatic calibration design eliminates the need for manual balance or tick rate adjustments while the user selectable 10 sensitivity ranges enables the LSB to detect leaks of all refrigerants.


Wide range audible alarm. C dry contact control function for operating an additional alarm or other safety device. High intensity LED display. LS – Storage case LS No illumination of LED indicates low battery. Tachometer-like bar graph display: Right most LED ls0300 Tachometer display illuminates to indicate low battery condition.

CPS Products Ls Refrigerant Leak Detector REDUCED | eBay

Over computer generated tones varying in intensity with leak size. LED constantly illuminates dimly indicating low battery condition. Visual indication of the leak size is provided by a high intensity LED varying in brightness with the concentration of the refrigerant detected. Eight high intensity LEDs.