Find great deals for Dolby Laboratories CP Digital Cinema Processor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Dolby CP series is designed for easy operation in today’s multiplex environment. A variety of models provide flexibility of configuration choices from film. Dolby CP Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor: : Industrial & Scientific.

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A metal Use grounded earthed conduit wherever possible.

Odyssey Products, Inc.

These test points are provided to allow rapid access to the required signals used during CP setup. Optical Hf Equalization slit-loss Dolvy 5. Width meters Setting Dolby Digital Reader Delay On a Dolby Digital print, the digital sound data is located six frames in advance of the analog soundtrack, and 26 frames in advance of the picture. Page Defective Cat. To prevent wear on the cable from the metal edge of the hole you create, use a rubber or neoprene grommet on the cable.

Check Bypass Supply Mains Voltage Setting The bypass power supply mains voltage selector switch is co650 through a hole in the top cover of the CP Connect The Cp Motor Off: Optical balanced SVA for two projectors. Check that the wiring from the stereo solar cell to the CP has not become damaged and that the solder connections to the fanning strip are secure. Thread and play a Dolby Tone test film, Cat.

Wiring from the stereo solar cell to the CP There are no input level trim controls within the CP for this input. If you have closed the CP Setup program or opened another settings parameter file. The following test setup will enable adjustment of focus and confirmation or adjustment of light level and optical alignment.

Figure Fader Characteristic This indicator appears cp65 a problem is detected in the bypass power supply circuitry. This film is used to establish the correct Dolby operating level within the CP If a format name is too long for display on the CP front panel xp650 to 19 charactersa second, short name is given.


The diameter of the hole you make should be the same as the diameter of the cable grommet or conduit bushing. Page 96 Verify that all power connectors are fully inserted into their sockets.

Accessories or multiplexer15 V phantom power switchable via front-panel DIP switch. If you wish to use a connector already wired for use with a Dolby CP, add a jumper between pins 5 and 6. A PC can be connected at either location for performing complete cinema processor alignment using Dolby CP setup software. Chapter 8 Accessories The dp650 length of connecting cable to all the remote units should not exceed m ft.

Model CP Digital Cinema Processor

Page Bsl and Bsr channelsand Rs. Page 72 If a stereo film is not available, the delay time can be checked with a mono film if the film is played in Format 04, Dolby A-type optical with surround.

Both optical and digital audio are present while the CP is set to this menu item.

Page The CP supports remote accessory device doly 1 through 9. Any fader level adjustment changes the display on all of the connected units. Page 31 Subwoofer Notes: Equalization can be performed by using an oscilloscope connected to the RTA output test points or by using a PC running Dolby setup software. Don’t show me this message again. Save the retrieved settings to disk.

If neither is available, close inspection of the film itself will help distinguish the various types. Install an air guide or baffle to deflect hot air from equipment below the CP CP is being aligned. The CP supports remote accessory device addresses 1 through 9.

Page 98 Format 10 requires the Dolby Digital Cat. Replacing an Existing Sound System If the CP c;650 an existing cinema sound system, play a typical film before you remove the old system so you will have a benchmark for comparison vp650 the new system.


If necessary, adjust the Cat. If dolbu becomes necessary to replace the LED, follow the procedure outlined below. Analog Nonsync Sources 2. Final Adjustments Setting Digital Surround Delay The CP automatically calculates a typical digital surround delay based on the optical surround delay setting performed in the previous section. Page 30 75 pF per meter.

This characteristic is used to define the standard steady-state response curve for all dubbing theatres in which films with Dolby soundtracks are mixed and for all Dolby processor-equipped cinemas. Chapter 9 Maintenance And Troubleshooting Digital print format has robust error correction information encoded along with the audio data, and the CP uses a powerful digital error correction technique, allowing the data to be read perfectly even if scratches and dirt are present.

Characters are not echoed back to the controller, and control characters are ignored. The combined length of connecting cable to all the remote units should not exceed m ft. System is in Bypass operation. A dip in the frequency response will move along the Frequency frequency axis of the scope RTA display. The complete set of known settings may be queried by using the Pins 1, 2, and 5 are wired in parallel with the rear panel microphone input XLR connector.

The output of the selected microphone is fed to a real time analyzer RTA circuit built into the CP cinema processor or to your separate RTA if you prefer.

Addressing the future of exhibition, the Dolby CP has an expansion slot that provides a convenient upgrade path to new develop-ments, such as multichannel audio decoding for digital cinema. Then, select and observe the present output level adjustment settings.