Covencraft is one of the most comprehensive, sensible, and good-humored of Amber K is a respected elder of the craft, as sophisticated in her knowledge of. The ultimate coven handbook, Coven Craft was written by a well-known and of twenty-seven chapters and forty-two appendices, Amber K shares with you her. content in Covencraft generalizes beautifully to other Pagan groups such as ” Amber K has long been recognized as a respected High. Priestess, author, artist .

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Coven Craft: Witchcraft for Three or More by Amber K

This book goes into good detail in dealing with many different issues surrounding creation of your own coven, or living with other coven members. Curott chooses to tell only the story of her first ‘year and ocvencraft day’ as a wiccan initiate, ending at the point at which she is accepted fully into, and fully accepts, the faith. A6 Sample Articles of 1ncorporation.

Where else will you find suggestions for slapstick rituals and Darth Vader nights as well as guidelines for appropriate interpersonal behavior within groups? Just a moment while we cobencraft you in to your Goodreads account. But once past the glamourpuss cover, readers will find it an extraordinarily well-written spiritual autobiography, in which a young feminist lawyer discovers how relevant ancient truths are to xovencraft contemporary life.

B7 Ritual of Third Degree 1nitiation. It is a great resource for those looking to lead.

Merry Meet New Members. A8 1RS c3 Questions. In them, s women speak remarkably like s wiccans. Brad Thompson rated it it was amazing Oct 05, She has obvious experience and done the appropriate research in order to carefully lay out creating a coven and it’s many pitfalls. Just Pentacles is where we keep all of our pentacle and pentagram jewelry. Wonderful, very thorough book on starting and running a coven.


Even if the actual information on coven organization is good, the author’s clear ignorance of every topic from history and modern archaeology to Thelema and Western For those who are under the Pagan umbrella but are not Wiccan, this is still a good book!

B13 Ritual of Womanhood. Return to Book Page. A15 A Sample Budget. covencgaft

Apr 26, Faith M. Although some writers and publishers think the movement is filled with airheads who ceaselessly issue silly spell-casting and inane incantation books, others have realized neopaganism’s serious religious potential.

Covencraft : Witchcraft for Three or More

A15 A Sample Budget. I like this one.

Even if the actual information on coven xovencraft is good, the author’s clear ignorance of every topic from history and modern archaeology to Thelema and Western Children and Young People. I did, however, expect there to be more content about covencradt a healthy group, rather than almost completely focused on the start-up elements only as well as Wicca info. If that’s something that interests you, absolutely buy this book.

No eBook available Llewellyn Worldwide Amazon. A24 Sample Press Release.

Published September 8th by Llewellyn Publications first published January 1st B12 Wiccaning or Child Blessing Ritual. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Amber K, a regular columnist for several publications, is widely regarded as one of the wittiest wiccan writers, and the book certainly does sparkle.

A1l Congregation Members Agreement. Academic researchers, not unaware of neopaganism’s sharp growth curve, have published many articles in recent years, but sociologist Berger’s is the first book-length study. Sometimes it’s the only part of the book I actually pay attention too, similar to the websites I’ve gone to for the sole purpose of finding their page of recommended links.


B12 Wiccaning or Child Blessing Ritual. Group Dynamics in the Coven. Jan 30, Ranae rated it it was amazing. Covencraft by Amber K. Trisha Barrek-Hopkins rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Every thing possible she has in it, and if not just check in the back and you’ll find out how to attain the information.

Enter your name and email address below:. She focuses on the routinization of charisma and on the movement’s new focus on family issues, and she defines wicca as a religion rather than a cult or subculture–definitions arguably more important to sociologists than to nonspecialist readers.

If you’re going to practice in a group, it won’t hurt to read it. This is a very useful reference for those who are looking to start a coven or transition a study group to a coven. She concludes that mixed pagan groups are more important in the movement than women’s groups.

Everything about covencraft itself is absolutely still relevant, and most of it could have been written yesterday, but I wish they’d come out with a new edition–the section about the Internet is extremely out of date, as are the listings of websites, newsletters and editorials, events, and resources. This is a multi-title review.