Containment [Christian Cantrell, William Dufris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As Earth’s ability to support human life begins to diminish. Containment (Containment, book 1) by Christian Cantrell – book cover, description, publication history. Cantrell’s debut takes a technically detailed, hard-SF look at possible planetary colonization of Venus. Arik is part of Generation V (for Venus).

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I know the saying is “Always leave them wanting more”, but come on. Aug 17, James rated it liked it Recommended to James by: What Arek found would forever change his life and ultimately christoan lives of everyone in V1. The premise of the canttrell was interesting enough, but the scientific and historical info dumps were very distracting. Christian Cantrell delves deeper and deeper into the secrets meant to protect and society in the future.

Cantrell tells the story very Apparently, this is the first full-length novel by Mr.

Containment (Containment, book 1) by Christian Cantrell

At the end of the book Arik does a major reveal to all the people in the station, but it is written with so little build-up or tension that again I simply found myself shrugging my shoulders and moving on to the next book on my iPod.

This book starts with an interesting premise, but the setting ends up deteriorating into a too-predictable, disappointing resolution. I was at once taken in with the story of Arik and really enjoyed that part of the novel, but then the author would digress into long, boring “tellings” of facts and history that would have me yawning.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Why was Arik trying to grow plants on Venus? Not sure I was a hundred percent satisfied with the ending, but the climax was an exciting build up at the end, with a reasonable race-against-time feel to it. Arek married Cadie, a gen V biologists, and they worked together on the AP problem.


In this time of economic crisis, take a trip into the future and see what it holds well, okay, maybe not; but how do YOU know? However, he was chosen to work in the Life Pod in order to tackle the problem of artificial photosynthesis AP and increase the amount of oxygen produced. In the distant future, man will try to colonize the solar system. As for the story crafting itself we have characters with little emotional depth, including the main character. Oct 16, Jeannie Mancini rated it really liked it.

This resulted in at least one confused reader having to reread the same few pages three times in order to work out what had happened and figure out the timeline hadn’t been switched. And in one case, a chapter ends with the main character outside the colony and the next chapter skips to him in his office, except that particular transition actually does NOT represent a change in which timeline is being covered.

As Arik graduates from school and is ready to use his incredible skills for the purpose of improving the colony, he is asked to participate in the most important unsolved problem A1 has. The ideas here are assembled nicely, but the work as a whole lacks the polish to make it truly shine. Arik was genetically engineered to be the greatest mind ever born. I picked this up from the Kindle store when it was either free, or rather cheap under a pound. It’s begging for a sequel — which is probably the point.


But Arek had an accident that caused a brain injury. I enjoy creativity and ingenuity and felt Cantrell certainly offered that.

The main focus of the book is Arik himself, but the peripheral characters are detailed just enough to give a sense of the society and culture that exists within the colony.

Instead, the book simply ends. Earth had polluted itself into near extinction before finally arriving at the ecological technologies that would hopefully save it.

Had some of the main players been developed to the extent of Arik, the story would have been much, much better, even with all of the flaws that I pointed out. You christan commenting using your Facebook account. Trouble is they are running out of air. Or was this a story about a colony that experiences what it is to be cut off from everything?

Thus, while the infodumps unquestionably contain cool ideas and tantalizing visions of the future, they quench any momentum the story has developed and bring the plot to a grinding halt.

Containment poses a similar problem.

Book review : Containment, by Christian Cantrell –

Cantrell puts himself into a very tired camp that has been beaten to death and is still lacking credibility. Cantrell then cantrepl in environmental concerns, Malthusian economics, global warming, human nature, and artificial photosynthesis.

You will be glad that you did.