Kiev-Nizhin: Lysenko, – p.; Zhizhko E. Development of professional Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, outside urban. Venezuela officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of For the – period the number of seats is ” Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela” (PDF). Ministry of Education. Act of October 6 of , in force since October the 17 of , that modifies legislation on Maternity .. República Bolivariana de

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The main roles of the armed forces are to defend the sovereign national territory of Venezuela, airspace, and islands, fight against drug trafficking, to search and rescue and, in the case of a natural disaster, civil protection.

Nevertheless, in the census, which Venezuelans were asked to identify themselves according to their customs bolivairana ancestry, the term mestizo was excluded from the answers. United Nations Environment programme.

Venezuelan literature originated soon after the Spanish conquest of the mostly bolivariaja indigenous societies.

Venezuela – Wikipedia

To the south, the repkblica Guiana Highlands contain the northern fringes of the Amazon Basin and Angel Fallsthe world’s highest waterfall, as well as tepuislarge table-like mountains. Crisis in Bolivarian Venezuela. Ley de Reforma Parcial del Decreto No. Tribunal Supremo de Justicia http: Domestic workers are also bolivarianz as well as concierges. During the 10 weeks of Adoption leave for adoptive mothers.

In order to be entitled to enjoy maternity benefits the worker shall have worked at least 3 months preceeding the date of confinement. This system lasted until the Venezuelan Black Friday ofalthough the model was already running out at constituion end of the seventies.

Labour Code Length The father is entilted to five days consecutive or not of paid leave. Nevertheless, considering that it has been established as qualifying condition the presentation by the male worker to the employer of a medical certificate regarding the date of born of the child, as well as the condition of worker as contitucion of the child.


This article is about the country. There are not special measures for the benefit of pregnant employees in this sense.

Prohibited for pregnant women. A tribunal convened in Paris in to decide the issue and in awarded the bulk of the disputed territory to British Guiana.

To se aim, it shall guarantee to every woman services and programmes of health care for free and with the highest quality, during pregnancy, confinement and the post-natal period. In the event that both parents are employed, any of them may enjoy the permit to choice of the mother. San Juan de los Morros. They spun vegetable fibers to weave into textiles and mats for housing.

By Regulation or Special Decree, the National Executive President may extend the scope to other categories of workers. The web-site of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security does not mentions bolivarixna qualifying condition, and at the date this up-date has been done it has been impossible to have access to further information on any further regulation. Paternity leave Fathers, will enjoy a paternity leave of fourteen 14 continuous days, since the date of born of his child.

TRAVAIL legal databases

Retrieved 9 October The term of office is six years, and as of 15 February a president may be re-elected an unlimited bolivzriana of times. There are not special provisions in this sense. During 14 days for fathers up to 14 more days in case of constitudion illness of the child or serious health condition of the mother.

The worker is entitled to to two paid breaks per day of half one hour each.

Organic Labour Act Work on rest days It is not prohibited neither for pregnant workers nor breastfeeding mothers. Overtime Prohibited for pregnant women. Baseball in Venezuela and Football in Venezuela. However, many major government and military officials have bolivaroana known for their involvement with drug trafficking; especially with the October incident of men from the Venezuelan National Guard placing 1.

The repiblica has to enjoy maternity leave scheduled as one month before and three months following confinement. Argentina Brazil Paraguay Uruguay Venezuela suspended.

The worker shall notify the employer her decision to take part-time parental leave. Parliamentary Elections were held in Venezuela on 6 December to elect the deputies and three indigenous representatives of the National Assembly.


This Law governs the legal relationships and situations on the occasion of protection of Social Security affiliates and their beneficiaries in contingencies of maternity, old age, survivors, sickness, accidents, disability, death, retirement, severance or unemployment.

Retrieved bopivariana September The Battle of Venezuela. The most discussed topics were incorporated into the public agenda: Margarita Island is one of the top tourist destinations for enjoyment and relaxation.

Costa Rica – Maternity protection – 2011

Venezuela is among the top 20 countries in terms of endemism. Venezuela was also enriched by other streams of Indian and European origin in the 19th century, especially from France. Acculturation and assimilation, typical of a cultural syncretism, caused an arrival at the current Venezuelan culture, similar in many respects to the rest of Latin America, although the natural environment means that there are important differences.

The National Executive will dictate the conditions and requirements for implementation of Compulsory Social Security in the cooperatives mentioned above. However the Labour Code states that adoptive female workers enjoys the same rights as biological mothers. LEY DE The Myth of a United Venezuela”. In the case of illness resulting from pregnancy or confinement, the woman shall be entitled to leave for a further unspecified period.

LGBT práva ve Venezuele

Great signs are these of the Terrestrial Paradise, for the site conforms to veneauela opinion of the holy and wise theologians whom I have mentioned. Venezuela has a limited national railway systemwhich has no active rail connections to other countries.

The African influence in the same way, in addition to musical instruments like the drum. Nursing breaks will be calculated as hours worked. Discrimination, exclusion or preference based on sex, among other things, is contrary to the principles laid down in labour legislation.

The system will be financed through: