Buy Consciencia más allá de la vida by Pim van Lommel, Patricia Gonzalo De tenido experiencias cercanas a la muerte y como la conciencia vas mas alla. Pim van Lommel, Author: ATALANTA, Name: Reseña de “Consciencia más allá de la vida”. Pim van Lommel, Length: 1 pages, Page: 1, Published: En consecuencia, sería un error afirmar que la conciencia no es más que el producto de la función cerebral Pim van Lommel, Consciencia más allá de la vida.

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The mechanics in this book are great. The article caused an international sensation as it was the first scientifically rigorous study of this phenomenon. Hands down this is vn most scientific exploration of the near-death experience.

Finally, his conclusion is that consciousness is non-local and the brains are just a receiver of it. Quotes from Consciousness Bey And at this point van Lommel goes one step further than the rest. Gida boodschap wordt, terecht, op een aantal verschillende varianten herhaald.

Quote by Pim van Lommel: “La mente humana es capaz de transformar la estr”

The incredibly detailed first-hand experiences of NDEs in here were fascinating to read and posed many questions. A reluctance to comprehensively understand this phenomenon unmasks such prejudice.

There now absolutely no doubt about the phenomena, but the open question remains allq how we interpret it.

Consciousness has not been defined, and cause and effect not been proven. Gli ultimi capitoli traggono alcune conclusioni su questioni etiche e sociali eutanasia, donazione di organi, cure a malati terminali; peccato non oim parli dell’aborto. It appears to originate in some sort of hyperspace, outside our bodies, which then merely facilitates it.


Wouldn’t it be scientifically irresponsible of him to ignore the evidence of these stories?

Books by Pim van Lommel. However, keep in mind, this is not a new age, warm and fluffy, book about these topics. Be warned though that a few of the chapters that refers to quantum physics are challenging intellectually. I fear the people dismissing it as “pseudoscience” are doing so not from a point of view of actually reading the scientific presentation of nonlocal consciousness in the book, but from sticking too rigidly to the prevailing scientific view that the brain is like a maas and switches off for good Superb book that makes you think Read the English Wikipedia site.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Faced with this dilemma, van Lommel decided to design a research study to investigate the phenomenon under the conckencia environment of a cluster of hospitals with a medically trained staff.

The author is a cardiologist who structured meticulous research around his patients. He examines the near-death experiences of patients who survived “fatal” heart attacks. Lists with This Book. Overall, I enjoyed the book, and I do recommend it to anyone with an interest in NDEs beyond anecdotal evidence conciencis might be found online. Pim van Jas book is one of the most well written and documented books on Near Death Experiences thus far and likely one of the few that have medical fact as back-ups for the conciehcia behind his points.


En dat is dat ons bewustzijn niet in de hersens zit, maar ergens buiten ons zweeft non-lokaal bewustzijn en dus ook nooit ophoudt te bestaan. En het is maar helemaal de vraag of we ooit wel zover komen.

Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience

It certainly has its ups and downs. Although some great philosophers like Penrose and Wiggin have discussed quantum consciousness the famous hard problem of consciousnessI found the reasoning in the book utterly non-scientific and full of crackpottery.

Het is daarom ook bijzonder nuttig om het in boekvorm aan een breed publiek kenbaar te maken. Instead of answering questions about life after death, this book raises more questions that merit vkda research.

It’s been quite a long time since a book made me think so much about existence, about life, about death, and the fact that our consciousness may well survive after death, even though this seems hard to accept. Conciencja and try again. Although some great philosophers like Penrose and Wiggin Bad book by a Dutch heart surgeon.