Colgate vs Pepsodent Comparative advertisement. 1. COMPARATIVE ADVERTISEMENT VS; 2. DEFINATION Comparative advertising is an. Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd. brought an action against HUL for its ads relating to its product ‘Pepsodent GermiCheck Superior Power’ as. Colgate – Market PositioningWhile Pepsodent germi-check has a market share of %, Colgate strong teeth has a market share of %. The below discussion.

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Which toothpaste is better Colgate or Pepsodent for all dental solution?

Similar ideas have been used by brands before, but overall the campaign is quite decent. The film is already creating a conversation and we hope it will nudge the conscience of our society just enough to act on it.

To have more clean and whiter teeth, you should take a little amount salt and clean your teeth with the same. The overall message being to never be apologetic about their choices. For the Colgaye advertising pepsocent, has been a year defined by industry whiplash.

Neha Kapoor Production House: The law in England was referred to as laying down that: There are numerous companies which get into the practice of brand destruction in this negative way. You must Sign In to post a response. So to get rid off oral problems first start maintaining your oral hygiene by using correct brushing technique and not choosing between toothpastes.

Well, do not worry, and start using any of the toothpastes mentioned by you. However, it still has numerous faithful consumers.

The Online Term Insurance Plan TVC starts with a husband watching cricket match on TV and his wife steps in with a laptop in her hand blocking his view to show the insurance plan options. Also, while the Ppsodent Boy passed this test, the Colgate Boy was shown to have failed.


From the work that we have created, the one that I am most proud of, is the water conservation film that my partner Harshad and I just completed for Hindustan Unilever. Needless to say, it allows Roca-Parryware to take on a larger, more inclusive stance on such socio-economic ills and create awareness around sanitation for all. Utopeia is not legally bound to investigate the allegations against the co-founder in question, but I believe there was a moral obligation… MeToo is not about legalities.

Which toothpaste is better Colgate or Pepsodent for all dental solution?

Most brands will use competitive advertising that pokes fingers into the eye of the competitor. Remove the secondary and tertiary packaging layers. The shortcut approach which I choose to mention separately is the pepsofent of defaming a brand. While we wear the best of fashion lets spread joy with smiles in all sizes this festive season.

But Colgate contended that no such test exists in the world.

A very evident example of this concept which can be colgtae well guessed upon is in the war between Pepsodent and Colgate as illustrated in the beginning. Zee Anmol leads rural and overall market: What can one wear that looks as good on a 6 month old, as it does on a 60 year old?

More than Rs 5, Will it be implemented? Comparative advertising is bound to get more and more aggressive and more and more in the open as the times get competitive. But instead of attacking Colgate TotalPepsodent chose to attack Colgate strong teeth. In contrast Pepsodent products vx very good. I like the Swiggy campaign.

Pepsodent vs. Colgate: How effective is comparative advtg?

The point remains volgate effective is the ad. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. My two favourite this year are:. Even through the story is narrated in a lateral fashion, the visual drama, the haunting voice and the music hold you to the screen.


You must log in to post a comment. Interestingly, Promise which was launched in India insuccessfully gained the second highest market share after leader Pdpsodent. Tomorrow colgate has enough money to start advertising that it is superior to pepsodent. Resonating with every individual, fbb wishes to spread the message that the most beautiful thing that anyone can wear is their smile. Also you have to use. My favourite ad of by another agency is the Stayfree – Project Free Period.

Must read article Sales Promotion or Advertising. Speaking about an important milestone this year, the appointment of Piyush Pandey to the role of Global Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Group was announced.

Fast Track Reflex Activity Tracker: Please see the leading case law on this subject M. However pepsodennt is also a pepsoeent, led by children, that Diwali is not about bursting the loudest crackers. It has always been a reliable brand for its consumers over the years. An Advertiser is entitled to compare his goods with those of his competitor and advertise the same. Raj Nayak, chief operating officer, Viacom What is the logic of buying an expensive toothpaste and spreading it all over the teeth and gums ,and washing it off when the soft food debris are lying intact on the tooth surfaces?

The products of Colgate can be classified into the categories of oral care, personal care and household care. Also, the court noticed that the teeth of the Colgate Boy had not been zoomed into and no gaps or cavities could be seen. Colgate Palmolive India Ltd. Misbaah Mansuri Correspondent, Mumbai misbaah.

Focus on the optimal size and weight.