Green coffee scale, which has recently established in Western Australia, is considered to be an important pest of citrus and other fruit production. Green coffee. Coccus viridis was also reported as a pest in India at the end of the nineteenth century and has continued to cause problems for coffee growers, particularly in. Authors Ronald F. L. Mau, Extension Entomologist Jayma L. Martin Kessing, Educational Specialist Department of Entomology Honolulu.

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The adult scale insect is a glossy pale green colour with black internal markings that are visible through vlridis chitinous body wall. Coccus viridis Green, This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. Scales are usually brought into greenhouse situations with the introduction of infested plant material.

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Eggs hatch into crawlers that wander around the plant or disperse to other hosts. It is commonly intercepted from nearly all tropical areas of the world that send plant material to the United States of America; therefore older quarantine records are not given.

Coccophagus, some Encyrtidae and Eulophidae.

Two sub-marginal black eye spots are also present and can be seen viridjs a hand lens. The adult female is shiny pale green with a conspicuous black, irregular U-shaped internal marking that is dorsally visible to the naked eye. This tropical soft scale may occur on cultivated hosts in commercial nurseries, resulting in a quarantine of the infested plants until the scale is under control.


Thought to be of Brazilian origin the green scale is presently cosmopolitan in distribution throughout the Tropics except for Australia. Retrieved from ” https: Usually infestations are accompanied by sooty mold, a black fungus growth, which develops on honeydew excreted by the scale.

A study found that the entomopathogenic fungus, Cephalosporium cocccuswas highly effective in controlling coffee green scale. It is commonly known as green scale or sometimes coffee green scale because it is a major pest of coffee crops throughout the world. The Division of Plant Industry has recorded green scale on hosts in Florida since The green scale is often associated with ants.

Once a suitable leaf or green shoot is found viridos nymphs settle and begin to feed. Dorsal setae enlarged, apically clavate or rounded; ventral tubular ducts medial between middle legshind legsand abdominal segment 1; dorsal submarginal tubular ducts absent; claw with or without small denticle.

The mature female does not move Mau and Kessing When a large number of scale insects are present, their collective feeding causes a yellowing of the leaves which may later fall, a loss of plant vigour and a reduction in crop yield. Coccus viridis Green Insecta: Controlling ant populations help to reduce levels of this pest.

Chemical control is possible indirectly by controlling ants by banding the tree stump. The band should be at least 15 cm wide and care taken to avoid leaving any bridges. Schildlaus, Gruene Kaffee- Netherlands: Waterhouse, ; EPPO, Two species of Coccus other than C.


Crop pests in Tanzania and their control.

Coccus viridis – Wikipedia

Title Coccus viridis infected by V. Green scale is transported to new areas on infected plants. The preferred host for green scale in Florida is groundsel bush, Baccharis halimifolia L. Preferred cultivated hosts are gardenia and virdis. Green scales on coffee-Kenya.

Sap sucking and excretion of honey-dew producing sooty moulds and attracting ants. Occurring on arboreal parts of plant, particularly the undersides of leaves. The nymphs shed their skin three times and each instar is larger and more convex than the previous one. Management Back to Top Chemical control: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

All plant material going coccsu the greenhouse should be thoroughly inspected for scales and other insects before being introduced Copland and Ibrahim Kitts and Nevis, St. This pest is especially damaging to young trees in the first two years after transplanting Mau and Kessing Datasheet Coccus viridis soft green scale.

They usually remain in this same spot unless their position becomes unfavorable.

The direct effect of this was an increase in scale reproductive success and the indirect effect was a decrease in scale mortality resulting from the removal of predators and a decrease in parasitism rates.