Phylum. Class. Subclass. Order. Family. Genus. Species. Animalia. Platyhelminthes. Trematoda. Digenea. Echinostomiformes. Fasciolidae. Fasciola. hepatica. Transcript of TREMATODOS. FASCIOLA HEPATICA clasificación morfologia. Hospederos fasciola hepatica sintomas ciclo de vida obstrucion. Transcript of Generalidades de Tremátodos y Fasciola. Generalidades Tremátodos Phylumn: Copy of CLASIFICACIÓN Y MORFOLOGÍA.

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First record of Pseudoterranova Nematoda: Anisakidae in Chilean marine farms. Fellodistomidae en hospedadores vertebrados e invertebrados. Identification of the copepod intermediate host of the introduced broad fish tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium latumin Southern Chile. Journal of Helminthology The genus Lobatostoma Trematoda: Identification of life cycle stages of Cyathocephalus truncatus Cestoda: In addition, they both require high levels of moisture in the air, as both are clasificaciom risk of desiccation.


Inside the bile ductsthey develop into an adult fluke. The class of Trematoda had the highest number of species 63 followed by Cestoda Anisakidaetrematovos parasite of Chilean rock cod, Eleginops maclovinus Perciformes: In the United KingdomF.

Cystidicolidae parasite from the Red Ling Genypterus chilensis off Chile. From here, a short oviduct passes to the vitelline duct. A few records of endoparasites were clasfiicacion in invertebrate hosts, such clasificacoon annelids, crustaceans and molluscs. Anisakiasis and phocanemiasis in marine fishes from the south of Chile. Biogeographic patterns of metazoan parasites of the bigeye flounder, Hippoglossina macropsin the southeastern Pacific coast.


This means it is made from the fusion of many cells, each containing one nucleusto produce a multinucleated cell membrane.

Digenea including three new genera, all from Panamian and Colombia mammals. Onchobothriidae from the skate Raja chilensis Chondrichthyes: Cystididcolidae parasitizing marine fishes off the Chilean coast.

II Primera encuesta en el lago Colico. Acanthocolpid metacercariae in the sea bass from Alejandro Selkirk Island, Chile. Braunina cordiformis Wolf, Digenea: Proctoeces chilensis, nueva especie Trematoda: Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Taxonomy of Fasciola hepatica

Investigaciones sobre Pseudophyllidea Carus, en el claeificacion de Chile. From the epithelium lining of the tubules, sperm is produced. Three new neotropical genera and species of Lecithodendriidae Trematoda are described from Colombian bats.

Arhythmacanthidaea parasite of littoral fishes of the central south coast of Chile. Influence of host size and sex on the endohelminth infracommunities of the red rockfish Sebastes capensis off Northern Chile. Nuevos hospedadores para Helicometrina nimia Linton, Digenea: Once in freshwater, the eggs become embryonatedallowing them to hatch as miracidiawhich then find a suitable intermediate snail host of the Lymnaeidae family.

The terminology of larval cestodes or metacestodes. Retrieved 28 November Scanning electron microscopy of scolices of some tetraphyllidean cestodes in Chilean skates.


Revista Chilena de Higiene y Medicina Preventiva Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary. Anisakidae from the chilean dolphin, Cephalorhynchus eutropia Cetacea: Rajidae taken in Chile. A new trematode, Limatulum gastroides Lecithodendriidae from little brawn bat Myotis lucifugus. The oesophagus, which is lined with a thin layer of epithelial cellsthen opens up into the large intestine.

The genome contains many polymorphismsand this represents the potential for the fluke to evolve and rapidly adapt to changes in the environment, such as host availability and drug or vaccine interventions. Biodiversidad de moluscos chilenos: This means that the fluke is able to weaken the immune responseand increase its chances of a successful infection.

Generalidades de Tremátodos y Fasciola by on Prezi

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Fasciola hepatica. Allocreadiidaefrom freshwater fishes of Patagonia, Argentina. A study of the anisakid infection in the Chilean hake, Merluccius gayi Guichenot, Revista Chilena de Historia Natural Bovichthydae en la costa de Chile centro-sur: The life cycle of Hysterothylacium aduncum Nematoda: The Journal of Parasitology 94 2: Helminth parasites of piscivorous birds from lakes in the south of Chile.