Documents Similar To CINI Manual. Industrial Insulation Manual. Uploaded by. Haris Prawoto. Standard Specification for Hot Insulation (Piping & Equipment). This SPECIFICATION is based on the CINI Handbook “Insulation for Industries”, English. Version, dated 1st October (also known as the ” edition”). This section is based on the Committee Insulation Netherlands. Industry (CINI) Manual “Insulation for Industries”. DACE fol- lows the CINI standard as much as.

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Easily combined More information.

Pressure vessel basics for all engineers by Sharjeel Aslam Faiz 1. In general this means that aluminised steel or stainless steel jacketing shall be applied.

This is a general specification guide, intended to be used by experienced construction professionals, in conjunction with good construction practice indutries professional judgment. The insulation system and the materials selected shall comply with this DEP.

CINI Manual “Insulation for Industries”

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Payout time calculations are not recommended. The Main Contractor shall submit a proposal, supported by data sheets, test certificates, calculations, method statements of installation, etc.

The shade structure innsulation shall be responsible for the design, engineering, fabrication, and supply of the work specified herein. If approved by the Principal, deviations shall be shown on the piping drawings. Consequently, three categories of users of DEPs can be distinguished: The manual is used as a basis for compiling a qualitative reliable insulation specification.


Alternatively, icni may fit in complicated configurations, but water ingress shall be avoided. Part VI contains appendices with diagrams, tables and drawings.

Insultaion of mechanical insulation specified in this section include the following: Drawings and general provisions of the Contract. For avoiding surface condensation, parameters such as ambient temperature, wind velocity and relative humidity shall be determined from historical local weather data.

The system of Insklation is expected to be sufficiently flexible to allow individual operating companies to adapt the information set forth in DEPs to their own environment and requirements.

VDIor other standards if specified by the Principal, shall be used to calculate the contribution of convection. All work specified in this Section is subject to the provisions of Section For multi-layer systems, the half-pipe sections shall be factory-bonded into one integral unit.

Cini :: CINI manual “Insulation in Industry”

Insulation collars, if not provided by the equipment Vendor, shall be fitted to avoid any water ingress see Appendix 9. Roof coverings More information.

When DEPs are applied, a Management of Change MOC process should be implemented; this is of particular importance when existing facilities are to be modified. A minimum of two layers of cellular glass shall be applied.


All insulation products shall. Once-through cooling needs large natural bodies of water. These couplings are furnished with restraint rings that, when affixed. Method b shall only be used for insulatjon that need to be removed for shutdowns e.

The thermal insulation and acoustic insulation systems for piping, tanks and equipment shall be able to cope with thermal expansion or contraction; therefore the insulation and jacketing shall be designed to allow expansion or contraction.


Alternatives shall be submitted to the Principal for approval and shall be supported by references e. Introduction The coating of profiled sheet roofs in order to extend the waterproofing life of such structures has long More information. insulatio

The sketches are inter-linked with cross-references to other sketches or chapters. The Insulation Contractor is the party that carries out the insulation works, including engineering, material supply, installation and quality control. All of these questions will be answered More information. The following table indicates vulnerabilities to CUI: General product information 3.

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