El choque de culturas: Jean Donaldson: Books – O choque de culturas: Jean Donaldson: Books – Jean Donaldson te muestra como piensa tu perro, aquello que lo motiva y como lograr el comportamiento deseado aplicando los principios científicos. En esta.

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The rules which seem so obvious to us make absolutely no sense to dogs. I have read my share of dog training books and have gone to several dog training classes with different training styles, and my personal opinion is that Jean Donaldson is a genius.

The Gorns are shocked by this unprovoked aggressive behavior. I feel I have to get my complaint about Donaldson in since she spends so much time yelling at average folk. It seems that you are already registered with your Facebook account. You are walked several times a day and left crossword puzzle books to do.

Given a choice between your time and a yard, virtually every dog on this earth will opt for more ti A really interesting book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Although Culture Crash was originally published in the ideas in it were so new and revolutionary at that time that Jean Donaldson remains a leading thinker in the dog training world and this book has become a classic.

I’ve read multiple reviews that this is “the book” on dog training, and from the ones I’ve read, I’d agree. View all 14 comments. Basically, the information in here takes a lot of the frustration and stress out of training by making the dog’s behaviors explicable and thus mutable. Oct 18, Laura rated it it was amazing.


A lot of time is spent defending lure reward training and attacking all other types. Aug 25, Charlotte Wagner rated it really liked it Shelves: The author is extremely sharptongued when it comes to dominance theory and anthropomorphizing.


Would recommend Lots of good information for a first time dog owner; this was recommended to me by one of our trainers. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. She does use college-level words and her advice is mixed in everywhere, so you have to read her wisdom while getting bits of training tips here and there.

You have to give the dog a chance to start coming without the donaldsn. They are not humans in dog suits. To ask other readers questions about The Culture Clashplease sign up. Unfortunately, it won’t go into the detail you’ll want. But I know too many knucklehead humans who have great mutual rapport with their dogs to despair.

This book is probably jea of the best dog training books out there.

The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

Get to Know Us. You feel pretty stressed out a lot of the time.

If the question is helpful to other customers, we will publish it in this section anonymously. Also, chapter 4 starts with a really interesting and instructional story about an imaginary world where humans are kept as companion animals to a higher species who are as clueless about us uclturas we are about dogs.

Log in with email. While they are around, you sit quietly, staring straight ahead.

The Culture Clash

But this book takes a lot of work to get the marrow from the bone. May 16, Jasmin rated it really liked it Shelves: Her information is good, and very helpful, but it is sometimes padded with unnecessarily unfamiliar words–why use diametrically when you can just say “different”? The book as far as Ce can tell has no index.


She emphasizes that dogs and humans are very diffe This is not only a great guide about how to train dogs, but it is also very insightful about dog behavior. After reading this book, even if I didn’t have a copy handy, I would feel more confident in training a dog because I would be able to think about what I am trying to teach the dog, and what would be the best way to motivate the dog to achieve that goal.

Nonetheless, people insist on teaching them as though they are human. In the end, rather than rehabilitate the dogs out to integrate them into the world of humans directly their sacrifices See all Our clients speak about Choque de culturas jean donaldson Marta.

It’s the intelligent way to train, without physical punishment or aversive force. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Ian Dunbar Foreword by. Here and there she says something interesting about a training technique but those rare bits are simply not worth plowing through her insults.

Well, there jeaj this one chow mix that kept pulling on the leash and choking I believe Jean Donaldson is a genius.

Your Gorns, with whom you have lived your entire life, hand you over to strangers who drag you to a small room. Concepts or rather, truths were well-explained, and I think most beginners would be able to digest the material in this. I find it frustrating that there isn’t even donakdson of that, but on the contrary, NRMs are used in many chapters.