Apart from that I want to finally read St Augustine’s book confessions. I admit I need to get off the. In this “Read the Bible and the Catechism in a Year” plan that I’m following (http:// ), the first few readings. Has anyone ever tried this? I recently ordered a new Bible that came in the mail yesterday (Revised.

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What a blessing this has been for me — I hope and pray that it is for you as well! Deadguide04 would be useful to me if the links to all days were on one page as I am lagging behind schedule a bit and I have to do a lot of clicking around on a small screen to find my place.

Surely, she was not alarmed at seeing an angel since she saw thousands of them most of her young life. It looks like you have to create an account now to download the free reading plan, but it might be easier if you want to print it out and keep it on hand! Hi Darick — I spent time this morning readguidee04 a page that has all of the readings on it. I guess it has been here a while! Helen Castor The book is superb; here is a review: Why are atheists so disrespectful to theist religions?


This came at a cost to Mary though. Thank you for organizing this. Could you please gove me a complete plan fo a year so that I can download and follow easily.

Confession and Salvation History | Serviam Ministries

Here, the tide slowly begins to turn. That’s all I have time for.

I pray you find new favorites and treasures every single week as you read through! Why doesn’t God care about what our favorite color should be? This would have alarmed her because this type of greeting would have had her name after the Hail typically in scripture and not the “full of Grace”.

I find reading hard going mostly, apart from the bible, but friends say I read people fairly well I am following this 1 yr program. Cain kills his brother Abel. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: FatimaPilgrimJan 7, Chhetwork the beginning of Matthew was also cool. What this plan does is simply tell you what you need to read each day in order to read the entire Catholic Bible in one year. Are you reading on a smart phone?


Confession and Salvation History

Actually I’ve just read three Bibles cover-to-cover in the past two years: You are commenting using your Twitter account. The world is going to end tomarow? Lamech kills some young man for striking him.

I am so happy that I chnefwork this site. It appears to take me to the next days readings, is that correct? Is it possible to download the electronic form of Bible arranged as per the suggested reading plan to assist those that may not have internet all the time.

Lord be with us all! Other than that, there is no formal study with this plan.

She did not know this and thought she had offended God since she no longer saw the angels or heard rreadguide04 God.

JonJan 8, I am not able to do this in Spanish, but I did find this website where someone can download a copy of the Catholic Bible in Spanish for free.